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When it comes to traveling on a New York bus charter, teens might be the most difficult to please. Being adventurous by heart and wanting to be independent, they might be set on not liking any activity you have planned for the group. For example, they might find museums ancient and boring, while they may shrug off parks and playgrounds as too juvenile for their tastes.


Do not fret, New York City has a lot of activities that would keep teenagers alert, awake and enthusiastic.


USBusRentals.com encourages you to get on a New York bus charter and visit or do the following:


Trapeze School of New York

W 30th St Tent, Manhattan


Let your teeners attend a single class session so that he or she could learn how to soar along the skyline. There are classes that accept younger kids as long as they are above the age of four.


Pier 62

23rd St at the Hudson River, Manhattan


You can have younger kids enjoy the carousel while your teeners enjoy the concrete skate park. On the other hand, they could get immersed in a game of basketball or an hour of rock climbing. For the rest of your group, they can stroll along different gardens or you can enjoy a picnic at the waterfront.


Maloof Skate Park

Flushing Meadows-Corona Park


The Maloof Skate Park is rather new, having opened only in 2010. It is 16,000 square feet of skating space that was designed by professional skaters and the park's owners Joe and Gavin Maloof who also owns the Sacramento Kings. The New York Times reported that this park was built with variety in mind, so there are a lot that your teeners could do here.


Traveling on a New York bus charter around the Big Apple might be different when you have a bunch of teenagers. Teens have a different definition of fun, and the things that grown-ups and little tots enjoy may not have the same impact on them. They are adventurous and would want to try out new things, mostly independently. So while adults would love a tour at museums and heritage spots, teenagers might find this boring. And while kids would love amusement parks and playgrounds, teeners might consider them too juvenile.


However, that doesn't mean there's no pleasing them. New York has a lot of places and a lot of activities to offer the teens and the young adults. As such, you can get a New York bus charter, load it with a group of teenagers, and be assured that they will have a great time. Here are a few suggestions.


New Victory Theater

209 W. 42nd St. (42 St/7 Av)
Manhattan, NY
(646) 223-3010


Allow your teeners to develop a love for the performing arts by taking them to this off-Broadway playhouse that's full of music, dance, and puppetry and more. This would be a wonderful way to introduce the magic of New York theater to them.


Blue Man Group

Astor Place Theatre, 434 Lafayette St.
Manhattan, NY
(800) 745-3000


Head to the East Village's Astor Place Theater and let your teenagers see the Blue Man Group perform. This group's popular theatrical shows and unique form of entertainment are great for audiences of all ages.


Columbus 72

246 Columbus Avenue, New York City


If your teens love music and dancing, head over to Columbus 72 and let them have fun on the dance floor. It boasts giant LCD monitors, excellent sound systems, checkerboard floors, and VIP booths.


Needless to say, New York has a lot of things in store for people of all ages, including teenagers. So give your teenagers a taste of NY fun and NY culture with their friends. Get a New York bus charter and let them have a blast!


Be sure to have a New York bus charter ready for you and your group, as these activities are sure to zap their energy at the day's end. Spare them from being additionally tired from waiting for a ride back to your hotel or your home. Instead, make sure that they are comfortable in a luxurious bus where they could rest a bit on the ride back.



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