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Custom Coach and Limo, a leading provider of charter buses in New York City, wants you to experience New York in a unique way.


Make your trip a lot more special and memorable by hiring charter buses for your group and make sure that everyone gets a relaxing drive and an enjoyable time.


You will certainly love doing the things that even some New Yorkers would not know about!


Forget your troubles and laugh. Catch an improv comedy show at the Magnet Theater (Web Site), People's Improv Theater (Web Site) or the Upright Citizens Brigade (Web Site) and other comedy bars where you could watch the best amateur and up-and-coming comics perform their own comedy acts. Be prepared to join in the fun as they would like their audience to participate as well. You can laugh the stress away for less than $10!


Get a taste of touring the Big Apple on a rickshaw. There are several rickshaw tour companies in New York City that can give you a unique experience as you see the city in a different way. Check out the services offered by the Manhattan Rickshaw Company (Web Site), Mr. Rickshaw (Web Site) or Revolution Rickshaws (Web Site).


Of course, for longer distances and for a faster ride, you must have charter buses in New York City for your group.


Go tubing. In the winter, there is nothing more fun than going tubing in the snow and downing an ice-cold bottle of beer. So go to Urban Escapes (212-609-2547) and plan to spend your mornings in the snow while blocking off the afternoon for several rounds of beer.


Remember that you can fit in more activities in one day if you have charter buses in New York City for your group. This will ensure that everyone will have a grand time while also saving time trying to get everyone transported from one destination to the next.


Custom Coach and Limo is in the business of providing groups of tourists with a mini bus in New York City. We would like to help make your visit to the Big Apple a fun and unique one. More than just providing customers with clean, well-maintained and top-notch vehicles to use, we also try to suggest activities to do and places to visit.


Go on a scavenger hunt. Scavenger hunts are a great activity for groups of any size. Some companies combine the hunt with a walking tour of the city, such as Stray Boots (Web Site). This way, you get to solve clues and visit places in New York, all in one go. Others, such as Watson Adventures (Web Site), allow you to pretend that you are solving a murder mystery that happened in one of the museums of New York.


Other companies specializing in scavenger hunts are Treasure Hunt Adventures (Web Site) and Pogo Events (Web Site)


Get a mini bus in New York City to see more of the sights. NYC is a very beautiful place and there are just a lot of attractions to see. You can spend a whole day on a bus rental in New York City, just watching the sights then stopping every now and then to taste food or hear music. To cover more places with your whole group, then make sure that you call Custom Coach and Limo to arrange for a bus tour of the city!


A mini bus in New York City is not only for safely and comfortably transporting your group, but it is also a way to ensure that everyone is together. You can opt to have a toilet on board or perhaps pipe in some music or watch a movie on the way to the next stop.


There are just a lot to do in New York City that it is the perfect destination for everybody. You can find a site to visit or things to do in the Big Apple that would suit your tastes. Get a mini bus in NYC from Custom Coach and Limo to make sure that you not only get to do all the things you like, but that you also get there comfortably.


Make your own pizza. Pizza lovers from all around the world agree that New York has some of the best pizzas. To have a one of a kind experience, do not stop at just eating and tasting the pizza, make your own! Pizza a Casa Pizza School (Web Site) teaches you how to create your own pizza without the need of expensive equipment and ovens. You can even decide on what ingredients you want to use.


Learn to fly on a trapeze. If you have always been adventurous, why not learn the trapeze at the Trapeze School New York (Web Site). The school has two locations in NYC so you could choose between the South Street Seaport at Pier 16 or the Hudson River Park. For groups of 20 people or more, you could get 20% discount on the classes. Just be sure to be prepared to jump off a platform that is 23 feet up in the air.


If you are planning to see New York on land, you can get charter buses in New York City for that purpose.


Charter buses in New York City are a good way to go around town. Everybody in your group gets a comfy seat and you get to spend time together. You do not have to wait for everyone to get a ride or get to the venue. Nobody is going to have to drive, too.


However, there are other ways to explore the Big Apple. Take a look at these activities that you could do in the Big Apple or places nearby.


Sail on the Hudson and see Manhattan in a different way. You can get a sailboat from Manhattan by Sail (Web Site) and see Manhattan, Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and other venues in just under 2 hours! This will take you away from all the hustle and bustle of New York City traffic, while also giving you a chance to take in the wondrous sights together with fresh air.


Get on a hot air balloon. An hour's ride from New York City, you could get into a hot air balloon and just float above Orange County and see everything for miles around. This is a romantic ride as well as a thrilling one, for only $179 per person. A hot air balloon ride with Above the Clouds Inc.(Web Site) should be a perfect start to a day of exploring as you would need to be early to catch the 6 a.m. rides. Or you could take visit some sites in the morning and proceed there in the afternoon. There's also nothing like a great balloon ride before dinner at your favorite restaurant back in the city.


The easiest way to get to these places is by getting on charter buses in New York City to ensure that everybody can rest on the way there. Call Custom Coach and Limo now to get a free quote!


On top of giving you the best charter buses in NYC, USBusRentals.com also makes sure that you have a great time in New York City.


Become the Accomplice. For most people, a trip to New York is a chance to catch up on Broadway shows and see some world-class theater acts. Why not become a part of a show while also getting the chance to tour the Big Apple?


The Accomplice is actually a three-hour show but it feels so much like a fun game. You would not even know where to go until the day of the show arrives when you would get a call on where to meet up. All you would know is that you would be walking around NYC looking for scrambled messages and clues. Along the way, you would meet the actors who would make this game more interesting and realistic.


There are several shows that start 30 minutes apart starting at 1 p.m.


Shop at the thrift stores. There are quite a handful of businesses in the Big Apple that allow you to own pieces from the latest fashion styles and trends at rock bottom prices.


More than this, you should visit the smaller stores where you could find bargains and deals on anything, from house ware to accessories! Further, check out if there is a flea market open during your visit for even more great finds!


Visit the City Reliquary. If there are bargain finds outside of the big retailers, there are also some things that you could learn from the City Reliquary (Web Site). If you want to get a full grasp of the Big Apple's history, then you should come visit. The City Reliquary has various artifacts that are relevant to New York City. For example, you could see the bones of rats, which were found in the subway. Remember the bed bug infestation? They showcase it here too. There are other equally interesting and weird stuff on display here.


Be sure to check out our fleet of charter buses in NYC and see for yourself just how appropriate these vehicles are for your group. Call USBusRentals.com now for a quote on our charter buses in NYC.


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