Best Group Date Ideas in New York City

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Custom Coach and Limo would want you to have the best time on Valentine's Day. Even if you do not have a special someone right now, you can still go on a date with your closest friends. Make your group date even more memorable with a sprinter van in New York City.


With a sprinter van in New York City, you can have fun with 11 of your friends. It could help you get around NYC without too much hassle.


So what activities could you do on Valentine's Day when you go on a group date with your friends?


1. Go speed dating.


Going on a speed dating event with your friends could easily be the most fun thing you could do on Valentine's Day. Going together would help you all feel less nervous. And nothing beats having some people to talk to about your experience afterwards. You can enjoy a round of drinks before the event starts and then go to a bar afterwards.


Check out New York Easy Dates at for their Valentine's Day event.


2. Go to a singles party.


There are now online services that bring together single people in a bar and let them mingle. Hopefully, by the time the night is through, you will have found somebody interesting.


Some people are turned off by the thought of meeting somebody online. Others do not like wasting too much time exchanging messages and then when they finally meet up on their first date, they instantly realize that everything was a mistake. has a service like this one that it calls "The Stir." The hitch is that you should be a member of the site before you can get into these events.


Mobile app MeetMoi has been organizing meetup events at bars for its users.


Going with a group, you will be sure that even though you do not find anybody at the end of the event, you still have some friends to go out with.


Or you could all go on a blind date. Try Grouper, which arranges blind dates for groups.


Because all of you would undoubtedly be drinking during your group date, make sure that everyone is safe by getting a sprinter van in New York City from Custom Coach and Limo!


3. Go on a winery tour.


New York is home to a lot of wineries. Some of these wineries are open to the public and they host winery tours. Some of them also allow you to create your own wines. Others offer the usual wine tasting and host events for its participants.


If you do not want to travel out of the city, you can go to City Winery at 155 Varick St. Here, you will get a 15-minute walkthrough that would explain how wine is produced and aged. Then you will be able to sample their wine at various stages of aging.


For $15, you can enjoy three glasses of the wine of your choice and pair it with world-class cheeses and enjoy a live performance to boot.


You can call City Winery at (212) 608-0555 to get more information.


4. Play board games.


Sure you could play board games at home, but where's the fun there? You can go to South 4th Bar and Cafe on 90th South 4th St. in Brooklyn. They have approximately 40 board games and you can play against each other.


5. Go on a group date tour to various places with a sprinter van rental in New York City.


Why limit your choices on Valentine's Day when you can pick a handful of places that you could go to and have fun in? A sprinter van rental in New York City can help you get from one place to the next. This will make your group date even more fun because you will be able to do more activities to suit everyone's tastes!


6. Go Asian.


Shilla is open 24 hours, but do not wait until midnight to go there. If you are on a group date, this could possibly be the most fun place you would ever go to. Two orders of their barbecue dishes and you can cook it yourself or have servers flip it for you. They also have soju, a Korean rice wine that is similar to sake and vodka.


Shilla is located at 37 W 32nd St., very near Fifth Avenue and Broadway. You can call them at (212) 967-1880 or visit for more details.


7. Sing your hearts out.


Karaoke has always been a favorite group activity, and singing songs about singles empowerment and heartbreaks is a great way to spend Valentine's Day with your group.


There are a lot of karaoke bars in the city, but you should check out Duet 35 on 53 W 35th St.


Duet 35 has more than 15,000 songs in their library, and you can get in for only $8 per hour per person.


If you are shy about singing in front of an audience, there are karaoke bars that offer private rooms for groups.


8. Bowl!


Valentine's Day is just the perfect night for a bowling date! You can separate into teams and bowl against each other. There are bowling lanes that allow you to save by offering deals and discounts for groups. One such place is Harlem Lanes, which offers the Family Four Pack. The package includes one hour of bowling and a free pitcher of soda for you.


9. Play laser tag or paintball.


A great way to de-stress after a particularly tough week is to run through a field trying to shoot your friends down. Of course, you would never get away with that legally, so there is an alternative, paintball or its less painless brother, laser tag.


You get such an adrenaline rush trying to form strategies in your head while avoiding getting shot. Or you could group yourselves into teams and try to take the other team out.


10. Go to BAM.


Before your mind leads you elsewhere, BAM actually means Brooklyn Academy of Music. They have a cafe, aptly called the BAMcafe, where you can listen to world music, hip hop to classical tunes. They also have the NextNext series, which features up and coming performers who are below 30 years old.


11. Do your own rendition of Broadway tunes at The After Party.


If you love Broadway, or just plain singing, you can come here and sing your heart out. Here, you can sing to the live accompaniment of William Wade and Ray Fellman, with backup vocals from Becca johnson and Katie Cass.


The After Party is hosted by Brandon Cutrell, who is sure to keep things spiced. It starts from 10:30 PM and is located at the Laurie Beechman Theater basement.


With a sprinter van rental in New York City, you can hop from one place to another and not worry about having a drink too many. None of you will have to worry about indulging in a glass of wine or about having to drive separately. You can all travel together and have a real fun time.


Here are a few more group date ideas:


12. Try something unique like learning how to wield a Samurai sword.


Who says that group dates need to run the course and just settle for what's familiar? Dining, Drinks and Dancing? Bleh!


Why not go learn how to fight with a samurai sword at the Sword Class NYC ( Luckily for you, there are beginners' classes on Valentine's Day at 6:30 PM, but you have to make reservations. If you like it, you can enroll for the class and choose your schedule.


Classes are held at Ripley-Grier Studios (520 8th Ave. b/w 36th & 37th, 16th floor)


13. Go on a food trip.


Food is the salve of the soul, especially if you are broken-hearted. As you know, New York City is a haven for food lovers because of its wide selection of food coming from every part of the world.


If you are vegan, be sure to sample raw food at Caravan of Dreams. If you want to sample Filipino food, then there's Kuma Inn on 113 Ludlow St. Or how about a Cyprian feast at Zenon Taverna?


14. Go Sporty


Try playing skee ball at the Full Circle Bar ( where you could also enjoy different brews from all over the world. They also serve classic style Coney Island Hot Dogs and giant pretzels!


Chelsea Piers has a heated driving range that would be perfect for chilly nights of golf.


Or you can go ice skating at the City Ice Pavilion!


Maximize your time and experience as many of these activities or go to as many of these places as you possibly can. Get a sprinter van rental in New York City and don't worry about driving separately or getting separate cabs.





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