There are a lot of bus companies in NYC. The city just has too many people, too many tourists, and too many sights to see, that there's also a high demand for charter buses. In effect, Big Apple bus companies are sprouting left and right to meet this demand. But people often hear about horror stories when it comes to bus companies in NYC, and it certainly gives the industry a bad name.


You could avoid all these by choosing the best from the numerous bus companies. It may sound difficult, but it is actually easy.


Here are the top four tips on how to choose the best charter bus provider from among the many bus companies in NYC:


The best bus companies update their fleet every so often. Watch out for old and run down buses. Chances are these buses are going to be unkempt and dirty, with some chairs broken. The best companies in NYC buy new buses to add to their fleet. They also try to get vehicles that are updated and that feature the latest amenities.


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The best charter bus companies are easy to deal with. From the first phone call to the time you step off the bus, the best services treat you professionally and with great courtesy. So choose only those that are polite, accommodating and easy to deal with. If you try to call and nobody answers when they should, then consider dropping that company off your list. If you have complaints, it should also be easy to tell your charter bus company about it, and they should be able to correct it immediately.


The best bus companies in NYC give you a lot of options. When you call a bus company in NYC, do you sometimes feel like they are making you choose something that you did not want in the first place? Like for instance, you have a party of 13 but they keep on insisting you get (and pay more) for a 26-seater bus? That may be because they do not have enough buses to fit your needs. Look for a charter bus company that can easily accommodate what you need and want, without having to compromise on price, quality and service. You might also want to deal with one who can provide you with the amenities you need, for example an on-board lavatory or certain provisions for handicapped passengers.


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The best companies have an impeccable safety record. Accidents can happen, but you need to make sure that it does not happen to you. Ask questions about the bus company you are calling to see if they have capable drivers and well-maintained buses. Good bus companies will tell you that they have not encountered an accident in the past few years, but you just have to make sure that's true. Ask if they have a good standing with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It would also help to ask about insurance and other similar stuff.


Choosing among the different charter bus companies might be a daunting task considering the sheer number of providers you have to deal with and call. But knowing these tips can help you narrow down your choices from among the many bus companies in NYC and also help you have a great time and avoid unnecessary headaches on your trip to New York City. By following these tips, you get to eliminate a lot of unscrupulous charter services from the moment you first call them. At the end of the process, you should have narrowed down your long list of companies into a manageable four or five bus companies in NYC, helping you get the best one ultimately!