A bus rental in Staten Island is a great way to see the area without the headaches and stress usually associated with tours and public transport.


Comfort and Convenience on a Bus Rental in Staten Island


Getting a bus rental in Staten Island means that you do not have to rely on public buses to take you and your group to wherever you want to go.



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No more waiting for a bus and no more waiting for other members of the group to arrive. No more crowded buses with ill-mannered strangers around you. Instead, you just get on the bus, sit and relax, and enjoy your trip. Together.


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Custom Coach and Limo provides a bus rental in Staten Island for groups of any size. Just call us and tell us when you need it and how many passengers are in your group, and we would get you an appropriate- sized bus that is clean, comfortable and well-maintained for your trip.


bus rental staten island


Places to Visit on a Bus Rental in Staten Island


There are a lot of great places and attractions that can be found only in Staten Island. You can get to see these places and do more in a day with a bus rental in Staten Island.


A bus rental in Staten Island can take you to:


South Beach. Located on Father Capadanno Blvd at the northernmost segment of the FDR Boardwalk and Beach, South Beach is a great place to play outdoor sports such as handball, baseball and shuffleboard. There is also a play area where the kids can have fun after a stroll on the boardwalk.


Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Children would surely appreciate what the Snug Harbor Cultural Center has to offer. Outdoor movies, fairs and festivals are regularly held here along with educational programs, performances and art exhibits.


Fort Wadsworth. This used to guard New York City for close to two centuries. Here, you can find out more about what life was like during the days when it was an active military site. You can have ranger tours, or walk around the area by yourselves. You can also enjoy the view of New York City.


Chinese Scholar's Garden. It is said that this garden is a knock-off of a typical scholar's garden during the Ming Dynasty and is one of the latest additions at the Staten Island Botanical Garden.


The Conference House. Get a sense of American history with the Conference House. It is said that this is where Benjamin Franklin met John Adams, and also where other historic events took place.


Staten Island Zoo. For $2 and $3, children and adults could enjoy feeding the animals and riding on ponies at this very clean and informative zoo.


There are a lot more places that you could go to at Staten Island, so if you are planning a bus tour, then make sure that you charter a bus rental in Staten Island to maximize your time!


Five Things You Can Look Forward to on a Bus Rental in Staten Island


Custom Coach and Limo does not only guarantee a great, safe and fun time, but you can be assured of the following:


1. More fun for you and your group. You can play games and conduct activities on a bus rental in Staten Island. This is something that you cannot do on a public bus without disturbing other passengers.


2. Get more out of your day. No waiting, no problems with parking, and no getting lost. Our professional drivers will be on hand to assist you and your group on your trip. That is on top of making sure that everybody is safe and arrives on time!


3. Get more amenities and get the features you need. If you are traveling with persons with special needs, such as seniors needing accessibility ramps or more space for your sports equipment, you can ask us to provide it for you! You can also get a bus with an onboard toilet.


bus rental staten island


4. Professional service all the way! From the time you call us to arrange a bus rental in Staten Island to the time you leave our buses, you will only get professional service and royal treatment from our customer service representatives right down to our drivers.


5. Honesty and Integrity. No hidden charges that may shock you when it's paying time. We strive to provide you with the service you deserve. For example, we give you the cleanest, most well-maintained bus rentals in Staten Island .


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