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Central New York, broadly speaking, is upper NY's central region and is known to be the home of everything that's unique about the state. From small-town charm to big and dazzling city lights, Central New York has it -- plus everything else in between. So if you plan on touring the region, we advise that you get a sprinter van rental in New York City and get ready for one exciting adventure.


Now where to go in Central New York? You may want to start by learning about the region's rich history and culture. And what better way to do that than by visiting museums and historical sites? If you are preparing your itinerary, you can take a pick from any of these museums, or you can visit them all! The latter wouldn't be a problem if you have a sprinter van rental in New York City.


Cherry Valley Museum
Cherry Valley Historical Association
49 Main St.,
Cherry Valley, NY
(607) 264-3303
Web site


The museum is home to a large collection of artifacts that showcase the history of the Cherry Valley and its surrounding areas. This collection includes Victorian furniture, toys, housewares, and clothing, as well as war artifacts from the 1778 Cherry Valley Massacre, historic portraits, and even early fire pumpers and equipment.


Northeast Classic Car Museum
24 Rexford Street
Norwich, NY
(607) 334-2886
Web site


This car museum boasts nearly 125 of the most unique and most beautiful automobiles ever made. It has seven exhibits that highlight examples of early technological advances, unusual models, and even famous car manufacturers that helped shape America's automotive heritage.


The Farmer's Museum
5775 State Hwy 80 (Lake Road)
Cooperstown, NY
(607) 547-1450
Web site


This museum transports you to 1845, through a historic village and working farm. You then get to meet craftspeople who continue the traditions of 19th century tradesmen, learn about farm life firsthand, and also relive the celebrations and the day-to-day routine of rural Americans.


If you are touring Central New York with friends and family, it's always great if you start with a visit to its museums and get a sense of the region's rich culture and history. And with a sprinter van rental in New York City, you can visit as many museums as you want! Get a sprinter van rental in New York City and begin your trip to Central New York's history.


Iroquois Indian Museum
324 Caverns Road,
Howes Cave, NY
(518) 296-8949
Web site


This museum introduces people to the Iroquois culture and celebrates Iroquois diversity by showcasing their art, both past and present.


Fenimore Art Museum
5798 State Highway 80 (Lake Road)
Cooperstown, NY
(607) 547-1400
Web site


The Fenimore Art Museum features art exhibitions exploring the American cultural heritage and the history of the state.


Erie Canal Village
5789 Rome New London Road (Routes 46 & 49)
Rome, NY
(315) 337-3999
Web site


This is an outdoor living history museum, which is a reconstructed 19th-century settlement located on the site where the first shovelful of earth was turned for the original Erie Canal's construction. The village actually has three museums:


  • The Erie Canal Museum -- which unfolds the Erie Canal's story,
  • The Harden Museum -- which boasts of a collection of horse drawn vehicles
  • The New York State Museum of Cheese -- which was once home to the Merry and Weeks cheese factory and explores the history of cheese-making as well as its relationship to the importance of New York's Erie Canal in the 19th century.

    Petrified Creatures Museum of Natural History
    Rte. 20, Richfield Springs, NY
    (315) 858-2868
    Web site


    This is a hands-on discovery center where you can learn about fossils. You can also dig for fossils and you'd get to keep whatever you find. And you get to do all these while roaming through a nature path that's filled with life-sized dinosaur statues.


    Charter a sprinter van rental in New York City now and visit these museums in the Central NY region!


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