Deciding on what bus to charter?



A bus charter is the best way to travel with groups. Whether you are arranging a bus for a wedding, a company outing, a prom, an athletic meet, or a school event, you can choose from different sized buses that will be able to accommodate your entire group.


Pricing for these vehicles would depend on a lot of factors, including how many passengers are accommodated, how long you are going to use the bus, the dates and times of your travel or event, your required equipment, the distance of the trip, and the amenities that you want.


charter a bus


Custom Coach and Limo gives you a wide variety of choices when it comes to different bus rentals. Just check out our fleet page to see the vehicles we have for you.


A bus rental is the best way to travel because it can accommodate your group no matter how big it is. However, that is not the only reason why you should opt for a bus rental. For one, it has proven to be the most affordable way to travel in most cases. It is also very comfortable, and with a professional driver doing all the driving for you, you and your group can just relax and enjoy the trip.


And because different groups have different needs, Custom Coach and Limo has made it a point to customize our offerings. Not only do we have a wide selection of buses in our fleet, we also put a premium on customer service. If you need help figuring out what vehicles are right for you and your group, or if you have special requests for equipment and amenities you would want your bus rental to have, do not hesitate to give us a call at (866) 952-8737 and we will be happy to assist you.


charter a bus


Custom Coach and Limo is the easiest way to get your bus rental in New York State, New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and just about anywhere in this Tri-state area.




In an effort to be more transparent to you, our customers, here is how we calculate bus rental rates and charges.


Local bus rental pricing


When you go from one place in the city to another, we take into consideration the:


  • Hours of use: With local travel and tours, we count the number of hours to come up with your rental charges. Please note that most groups rent our buses for four to six hours.
  • Gratuity: Gratuity is highly recommended, especially in New York City. A 10% tip is standard to the industry.


Long-distance trips


For those groups who are looking to rent a bus for long-distance travels or those trips that extend for several days, we charge according to:


  • Mileage: If you are traveling to another area (usually distance exceeding 200 to 250 miles, then you will be quoted using the day rate or counting the number of miles, or both.
  • Day Rate: The day rate is how much it would cost to charter a bus for the whole day, which is around 10 to 12 hours.
  • Driver change: For longer travels, please note that the law only allows a driver to drive for 10 hours in a 15-hour work shift. After that, another driver will need to take his or her place. This is to comply with federal, state, or local legislation, and to keep you safe as well. You certainly do not want a tired driver at the wheel. Driver changes typically costs anywhere from $500 to $1,000. The actual amount will depend on how far you are from your point of origin when the driver change was made.
  • Driver hotel: Customers are also responsible for the driver's hotel, so this is also included in quote.
  • Gratuity: Tips are optional but highly recommended. Giving your driver a 10% gratuity is the industry standard.
  • Other expenses: Bridge fees, airport taxes and other tolls are shouldered by the customer.


How much should you expect to pay for a bus rental?


Most people think that a bus rental might be very expensive. We cannot blame you if you think this way. For one, if you have been on a chartered bus and saw all the amenities available, you would really think it is pricey. It would be very easy to think that all of those features come at a price.


However, in reality, a bus rental is the most affordable way to travel. A 56-passenger coach bus could mean you would be spending as low as $8.75 per person, while getting a mini bus rental could help you save by spending as low as $11.56 per person. Learn more about how our different categories of bus charters are priced and what you could get in return:







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