Custom Coach and Limo is the best bus company in NJ. True, it is easy to make that claim, but it is also quite difficult to live by it and deliver on the promise. For one, there are simply a lot of expectations to meet.


Here are six reasons why you should consider Custom Coach and Limo as the best bus company in NJ:


We are the best bus company in NJ because we make things easy and simple. No hidden fees or charges and absolutely no headaches. All you have to do is to give us a call, tell us what you need, and we give you a comfortable, clean and convenient charter bus that also fits your budget.


We employ great drivers. Our drivers are trained professionals who also know the city, the state of New Jersey and even routes outside of New Jersey very well. In short, you can be assured that you are in good hands. Our drivers have your safety, comfort and convenience in mind, so you can expect that they will take you to your destinations without having to worry about anything and they will help you have a very pleasant and enjoyable trip.


We have the best buses in our fleet. We often have a new bus to add to our outstanding fleet, with up-to-date features. Not only that, all our buses are kept clean and in perfect running condition, making sure that you get to maximize your time seeing the sights instead of waiting along the dusty roadside while the driver fixes your broken down bus! What's more, we make sure that you have everything you need on board, including the necessary amenities! If you are taking a long trip, then we can provide you with audiovisual equipment to make your road trip less boring and awkward, and you could opt for a washroom or lavatory on the bus, too, so you don't have to call out for it to stop at the next gas station! If you and your group have special needs, you can also just call us at 1-866-952-8737.


We are the best bus company in NJ because we give top-notch, superior service. From the very moment you call us to arrange for a charter bus to the moment you step off our buses after your trip, you only get the best customer service. Being the best bus company in NJ, we treat our customers like royalty. They are the kings and queens that fuel our business and we give them the kind of treatment and courtesy that befits them!


We can match your needs and requirements. Whether you need to transport a small party of nine people or a big one made up of 51 guests, we have the right bus for you. This means that you do not have to pay more for a larger bus with extra seats that you do not need or to squeeze yourselves inside a smaller bus! You tell us about the amenities and features you need as well, and we'd provide them for you.


We take pride in what we do. We take pride in helping you get a comfortable, affordable and splendid time on the road, free of stress and worries! Want to know how it is like to travel with the best bus company in NJ? Call us now at 1-866-952-8737.



Why call Custom Coach and Limo?


Perfect for big groups.
One mini bus can help you transport groups of up to 40 people.  We also have bigger coach buses that can easily accommodate up to 60 people.


Fast and convenient.
No matter where you are going, we can take you there!


One call away!
Pick up the phone and call us today!



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