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Coach bus rentals and charters pricing




Coach bus rentals and charters


Coach bus rentals and charters are probably the most popular of all local charters. These vehicles are for large groups. If you have a group of passengers that you need to shuttle from one place to another or if you have tours organized, then getting a coach bus rental is the ideal transportation option. On top of being convenient and friendly on your budget, coach bus charters are also environment-friendly. And the best advantage of all: you can travel together as one big group!


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Coach bus rental features


  • Can accommodate anywhere from 47 to 57 passengers.
  • Has reclining seats with high backs. Some coach bus charters also have well-appointed leather seats.
  • Spacious onboard toilet.
  • Has top-of-the-line audiovisual equipment, including TV, DVD player, and PA systems.
  • Some have power sockets that you can use to charge your devices. Others have Wi-Fi connection.
  • No need for anybody in your group to drive because the coach bus comes with a professional driver who will take care of you!


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Average pricing for a coach bus rental


Pricing might differ depending on the type of coach bus charter you get, the day of your trip, and other factors. On the average, you can expect to pay:


  • One way: $490.00 - $681.00
  • 4 hours: $774.00 - $1,075.00
  • 8 hours: $1,215.00 - $1,688.00
  • 12 hours: $1,575.00 - $2,188.00


This means that, with coach bus rentals, you will pay as low as $8.75 per passenger!


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Executive coach bus rentals and charters


Executive coach bus rentals and charters give you more comfort and are more luxurious than coach bus rentals and charters. These executive coach buses are perfect for social occasions or business travel. It can accommodate anywhere from five people to as many as 40 people who are travelling within the city or within the same region.


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An executive coach bus rental is ideal for any occasion. It can help make weddings more memorable. Employees who are going to corporate meetings will be able to travel comfortably and, if they need to, they can even prepare meeting materials on board the executive coach bus charter.


Executive coach bus rental and charter features


Different executive bus rentals have different features, but most of the time, you can expect:


  • Seating for as many as 40 passengers
  • Meeting spaces and well-appointed interiors
  • Top-of-the-line entertainment centers
  • Wi-Fi Internet connection and power outlets


Executive coach bus rentals also come with a professional driver, trained and vetted by Custom Coach and Limo!


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Average pricing for an executive coach bus charter


Pricing for executive coach bus rentals depends on a lot of factors, including the metro you are in and the date of your travel. On the average, however, you should expect pricing to be like this:


  • One way: $511.00 - $710.00
  • 8 hours: $1,060.00 - $1,472.00
  • 12 hours: $1,321.00 - $1,835.00


On a per-person basis, this means that you only pay $12.78 per passenger and still enjoy a more luxurious travel. Get a free quote for your travel needs.


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Entertainer bus rentals and charters


Feel like a rock star with an entertainer bus rental. The entertainer bus charter is a great way to travel if you plan to go on a long distance trip, such as overnight trips from one state to another. Also known as a sleeper coach rental, an entertainer bus charter feels like your home on the road, with bunk beds for up to 12 people, a kitchen, a shower, a toilet, and even living spaces.


A typical entertainer bus rental would have:


  • Beds for up to 12 people
  • Kitchen
  • Shower
  • Living room area
  • Entertainment features


Average pricing for an entertainer bus charter


Pricing for entertainer bus rentals are customized. Request a quote – for free.

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  • Average pricing are rounded off to the next whole dollar value. All estimates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Per-person costs are estimated from the lowest price and most number of passengers accommodated for that particular category




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