Convenience, Luxury, and Safety: 16-Passenger Sprinter Van Rental

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There are times when you only need to transport 16 people or go on tour as a relatively small group. One instance is when you are transporting your wedding entourage from the hotel to the church then to the reception venue, or when your family is going on an out-of-town trip. Or perhaps you have a bachelorette’s party and plan to go bar hopping.



The great news is that you can now get a 16-passenger sprinter van rental from Custom Coach and Limo to accommodate your small group!


A 16-passenger sprinter van rental is the best way for you to travel. It is very elegant and luxurious, with well-appointed decorations and high-quality materials used in both the interior and the exterior. The sprinter van comes from Mercedes-Benz, a known leader in automotive technology and comfort. It is also modified by one of the top companies involved in 2nd-stage automotive manufacturing, McSweeney Designs.




Enough space for 16 passengers


If your group is too few for a mini bus, yet you also do not want to go around driving several cars or you also won’t fit in your van, you should consider getting our new 16-passenger sprinter van rental.



Enough space for your luggage!


Imagine ferrying 16 people on vacation. You should expect to handle a lot of baggage and maybe shopping bags if you are expect to buy souvenirs along the way. This is not a problem with a 16-passenger sprinter van rental, because it boasts industry-leading capacity for cargo and luggage. How does 52 cubic feet of luggage space sound to you? That allows you to keep the luggage at the rear, instead of having passengers share the interior space of the vehicle with their big, bulky bags. Each row of seats also has overhead compartments to make it more convenient for you to stash carry-on luggage, small backpacks, or overnight bags.




Comfort at every turn


Our 16-passenger sprinter van rental also features high back upholstered seats, making sure that you are comfortable and that your back is amply supported for the entire length of your journey. The headrest on the seats also allows you to take a nap during long drives. The non-rear row seats also recline to help you rest better while in transit, and these seats also have upholstered arm rests.



When it comes to climate control, you can rely on the high-capacity heat and air-conditioning system. Every seat has an individual duct for climate control, as well as a reading light above head. And if you get bored, you can easily pipe in music with a touch screen stereo that has both AM and FM radio, DVD and CD.


Safety is at the top of our list!


The 16-passenger sprinter van rental has meta black Altro commercial-grade bus flooring, ensuring both eye-catching beauty and utmost safety. This material is slip-resistant and is easy to clean.



Not only that, Mercedes-Benz sprinter vans have been granted high safety ratings. Enjoy having a safer time on the road with our 16-passenger sprinter van rental’s safety features. For instance, the 16-passenger sprinter van rental has Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program, which helps the van stay on track even when it carries a lot of weight at the back. It also features Parktronic, which helps the driver park the van easily, as well as find a suitable parking spot.



The vehicle also has a wide range of assistive technologies, including:


  • Collision prevention assist
  • Backup camera
  • Crosswind assist
  • High-beam assist
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Blind spot assist

    Make a great first impression


    If you are looking to impress company visitors, investors, the in-laws, or friends, you can rely on a 16-passenger sprinter van rental to do the trick. The exteriors are really awe-inspiring, as Mercedes-Benz combines the right mix of style and function. The portal door is unique and makes you feel like you are traveling in Europe.


    The interiors are even more impressive, with top materials used for everything, wall to wall. From the high-backed chairs, to the top-quality flooring, to the cutting-edge audio visual equipment, everything here speaks of luxury, comfort, and elegance.


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