Probably the best reason for getting a custom van rental in NJ is that you pay only for what you need. If you only have 10 to 13 people in your group, why pay for a bus that is meant to transport more than that? You would only pay more for space that you do not need.


What's more, you can now get a 13 passenger custom limo van rather than sacrifice comfort by getting a smaller van. No need to cramp up or squeeze yourselves in to fit.


Custom Van Rental in NJ


Custom Coach and Limo is very proud to give you another option with yet another wonderful addition to its fleet: the 13-passenger custom limo van.


A Safe and Smooth Ride on a Custom Van Rental in NJ


You can get a custom van rental in NJ that exactly fits your group in order to get the maximum riding experience. Custom Coach and Limo's 13-passenger custom limo van has the following features for a smooth and safe ride:


E450 Gas 6.8L Ford Chassis


One word describes the Ford E450 Chassis: super heavy duty. You can tow a boat or a car with this. It combines a Triton engine and a five-speed Torqshift transmission, heavy-duty suspension, dual rear wheels and steel frame rails. Being safer on the road is guaranteed!


Mor/Ryde Suspension


Mor/Ryde Suspension practically assures you of a smooth ride. Mor/ryde suspension uses unique rubber shear springs so you do not feel a thing even when the road gets bumpy.

Comfort and Style on a Custom Van Rental in NJ

The 13 passenger custom limo van is fitted with additions to help make your trip more enjoyable. With a custom van rental in NJ, you can have:


  • Spare tires: You do not have to worry about being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire!
  • Heated and Remote Mirrors: No more adjusting and no more fogging in cold weather!
  • Front Illuminated ID Sign: Make it easier for your group to find your bus!
  • Large Rear Luggage and Interior Overhead Racks: No worries if you need to bring sports equipment, large baggage and other large items!
  • Temperature Control: Be comfortable in our 13-passenger custom limo van no matter what the weather outside is. This custom van is equipped with a 67,000 BTU air conditioner and a 65,000 BTU heater!
  • Large Double Rear Door: Makes it easier to go up and down the van!



Custom Van Rental in NJ


Custom Van Rental in NJ: More Amenities to Make Your Outing More Memorable


Custom Coach and Limo wants you to have the best experience on board our 13-passenger custom limo van, that is why we are throwing these amenities.


Custom Van Rental in NJ


Our limo packages includes:


  • Infinity or rope lighting
  • Public address system
  • TV and DVD
  • Double seat that may be replaced with a refreshment center with cooler & trash receptacle
  • Removable table
  • Back up camera in rear view mirrors
  • Corporate seat collection with recliner and arm rest


A custom van rental in NJ is an affordable way for you to get a comfortable, safe and luxurious ride around New Jersey without having to pay an arm and a leg! Call us now to rent this elegant and stylish 13-passenger custom limo van!


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