Drivers & Safety on a Charter Bus

At, we put a premium on the safety of our customers.




We only hire drivers who have maintained a safe driving record, free of accidents and moving violations.


All drivers must undergo a comprehensive background check prior to their employment with Custom Coach, which includes:


1) Past Employment Reference Checks

2) Pre-employment drug & alcohol testing

3) We also have an outsourced company for random drug & alcohol testing

4) Have a minimum of 5 years experience operating a commercial bus


Drivers receive rigorous "Customer Care" training assuring that our passengers get top priority treatment. Drivers are all trained and certified to drive each vehicle in our fleet. Driver safety training and random drug & alcohol testing is an ongoing process.




When you ride our buses and vans, you are assured of the most convenient, safe and comfortable ride. Our vehicles speak for themselves. We have top of the line charter buses, coach buses, mini buses, sprinter vans, limousines and other transportation solutions in our fleet. Our clean and top-notch buses ensure that you have the best time of your life and that you will never complain about the bus being too cold, too warm or the ride being too bumpy.


We also put a premium on our drivers. We know that it is our drivers that you get to interact with for the most part of your trip, so we take care to train our drivers. We only hire professional drivers who know how to handle our vehicles. They are experts, both in driving and operating our buses and vans, and in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia area.


When you ride with us, you are assured that you are in great and safe hands. Plus, you will gain the driver's local knowledge. You will never get lost.


But more than the skills with operating our vehicles, our drivers are also well-trained when it comes to customer service. You will not get a rude and grumpy driver from us. Instead, a warm smile and friendly attitude will greet you from the moment you step on our buses to the time you leave.


We at Custom Coach and Limo know that your experience with us is only as good as your experience with our drivers, which is why we take great care in choosing our operators.


So relax, enjoy and let our expert team of drivers do the driving for you!


Getting the Best Driver for a Charter Bus


bus companies new yorkThe driver for your charter bus in NYC is one of the most important elements of your travel in the Big City.


Think about it, the safety and well-being of your whole group rests on your driver. Plus a well-mannered and professional driver can help enhance your travel experience.


So how do you make sure that you get the perfect driver for your trip on a charter bus? Here are some tips:


1. Interview your driver.

When you ask for a quote for your charter bus in NYC, the bus company will give you the estimated costs as well as the bus and the driver that will be assigned to you.


Make sure that you get to talk to the assigned driver so that you could get a feel of his or her personality. Ask about your driver's credentials, licenses and safety record.


This will also give you an inkling whether or not you and your group would like your driver. This is very important because on the road, it is your driver that you will be interacting with. If you decide that you don't like your driver ask for a replacement.


2. Be vigilant.

On the day of your trip, get to the pick up point early to see your driver. Did your driver get enough sleep? This is very important as lack of sleep can affect his or her concentration and make you prone to accidents.


Also check out your driver's overall appearance. This will give you an idea of his sense of professionalism. Is the driver polite, respectful and courteous? Is he or she dressed neatly?


3. Observe traffic regulations.

Traffic rules have been instituted to make the roads safer for everyone. Our drivers are trained so that they not only know what the rules are, but they follow them to the letter. This would help ensure that you and your group arrive to your destination safely.