Embrace Your Inner Geek with a Sprinter Van Limo in NYC

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Here at Custom Coach and Limo, we want you to embrace your inner geek. Why not? There are just a lot of fun things you can do to geek out in New York City. Make it extra memorable with a sprinter van limo in NYC there to help you focus on just having a grand time without worrying about how to get home.


In a four-part series we have titled How to Geek Out with a Sprinter Van Limo in NYC (see parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 here), we have pointed out places around the Big Apple where you could geek out. These are:


  • Brooklyn Brainery
  • Museum of Mathematics
  • Museum of the Moving Image
  • New York Hall of Science
  • City Reliquary Museum
  • Museum of American Illustration
  • Hayden Planetarium
  • The Paley Center for Media


Sprinter Van Limo in NYC


Now we are going to take a look at interesting places for geeky things. Let's start with gadgets.


There are electronics retailers that are really iconic in the Big Apple. For example, J & R Music and Computer World on Park Row has been selling vinyl records, music and electronics for more than 40 years now. Visit its Park Row store for anything you need from houseware to computers to audio equipment.


And then there is B&H, which sells digital imaging, video, pro audio, and photo equipment and accessories. Visit its store at 420 Ninth Ave. in Manhattan.


Apple fans can get a treat from descending into the Apple Store, which is open at all hours of the day. You can just stay outside and gawk at the large glass cube outside. Or better yet, go down the glass elevator and have your fill of Apple products from the latest Macbook to the most recent release of the iPhone and iPad.


Remember, you can do some geek out with friends then go shopping for electronics and other stuff and still insert more things to do and places to visit when you hire a sprinter van limo in NYC.


A sprinter van limo in NYC can help you visit different museums, then take you to the best comic book stores, geeky bars and game places that the Big Apple has to offer.


So where can you go and what can you do?


Comic Books and Toys


If you have been watching the show "Big Bang Theory," you would know that comic books are a big part of a geek's life. So where in the Big Apple can you go for your comic book fix?


Check out Midtown Comics, which is located at 200 W. 40th St. Here, you could find a wide variety of comic book titles, DVDs, toys and even action figures. You can come in and just enjoy the art or take a look at the memorabilia it has. You can also order online via http://www.midtowncomics.com/.


Kinokuniya is where you could find everything Japanese, from graphic novels and Japanese comics to address books and origami papers. They are located at 1073 Sixth Ave in Manhattan. Call (212) 869-1700 for more details.


Another similar place you could go to for your Japanese fix is Book Off, which you can find at 49 W. 45th St. in Manhattan. You could also get used books and DVDs here at very low prices, too. Call (212) 685-1410 or visit its Web site for more details.


See? Just for comic books alone, there are already a handful of places that you could go to. And since you cannot be expected to spend an entire day in a comic book store, at least not in theory, you should get a sprinter van limo in NYC so that you could visit other places and do other stuff with your friends. Next up, we recommend places where you can get action figures and toys!

Going out with your friends to celebrate being a geek in New York City? Why not get a sprinter van limo in NYC for comfort and convenience?


Why even bother with a sprinter van limo in NYC? It is because you not only get to have a convenient ride all around town, you also get to do a lot more with one.


Apart from places like the Brooklyn Brianery, the New York Hall of Science and other similar places, we also recommended that you check out the latest gadgets at New York's finest electronics retailers, as well as a couple of comic book stores.


If you are more interested in action figures, then you should not miss out on Image Anime on 242 W. 30th St. in Manhattan. Image Anime has a lot of action figures, model kits, DVDs and even cosplay costumes from popular Japanese TV series such as Pokemon, Robotech and Naruto. Call (212) 631-0966 for more details, or visit its Web site at http://www.imageanime.com/.


Looking for a particularly hard to find action figures? Kidrobot might have it for you. It offers a lot of designer toys here.


Kid Robot is located at 118 Prince St. in Manhattan. You can call (212) 966-6688 for details and inquiries.


Another toy store you could go to is Toy Tokyo on Second Ave. still in Manhattan. If you collect toys, Toy Tokyo would undoubtedly be very familiar to you with its imported toys that come from Japan and Hong Kong. This is where you could get the latest Star Wars, Transformers and just about any other action figure you want. Toy Tokyo has a Web site at https://toytokyo.com/. Or you can just call the store at (212) 673-5424 for inquiries.


For the ladies who are into Hello Kitty, Keropi and other Sanrio characters, a visit to the Sanrio Luxe at 233 W. 42nd St. will be equivalent to a glimpse of heaven. Sanrio Luxe has everything you would want when it comes to Hello Kitty and other cute names from Sanrio.


There are just a lot of things that you can do and places you can visit when you are a self-professed geek in New York City. This is the reason why Custom Coach and Limo is telling you to gather all your geeky friends on board a sprinter van limo in NYC and try out some of our suggestions.


A sprinter van limo in NYC can get you to the places you want to go to. No more hassles from bringing your own cars or from looking for parking spaces.


Now, have you heard of 3D printing? More importantly, did you know that there is a 3D printing store in NoHo?


What is 3D printing you ask? It is a manufacturing process that allows you to "print" anything of any shape. It reads virtual blueprints or CAD drawings and prints out your object layer by layer.


So with 3D printing, you can come up with just about anything you want.


At the Makerbot store, you can buy any of the pre-printed objects on sale for only $5. If you are looking for inexpensive and unique gifts, this is the place to go to. It has have a gum ball machine that has small trinkets of 3D printed designs, too.


There are others, however, who would love something customized, so why not go for a 3D portrait.


You will be standing in front of the 3D photobooth. It takes your picture and will render these photos into a 3D model of your head. You can then have this printed out, so you get to go home with a small plastic head the looks exactly like you.


You could also see the Makerbot in action. It has in-store demos that allow you to see how 3D printing works first hand.


How about games? No, we are not talking about video games, but real face-to-face games!


True nerds know that great games are not necessarily those on their mobile phones or on the Internet. This is the reason why a lot of geeks appreciate a great board game or card game.


If you are looking geek games, then head on to the Compleat Strategist on 11 E. 33rd St. in Manhattan. It has the games, extension packs and accessories you need for board games, card games and even RPGs! You can call this store at (212) 685-3880 or visit its Web site at Web site for more details.


Similarly, the Brooklyn Strategist on 333 Court St. in Brooklyn allows you to try out a wide selection of games, from Warhammer, to Risk, to Scrabble even. You can play for a fee on game nights and if you have young kids, it has after-school programs, too. Call the Brooklyn Strategist at (718) 576-3035 or visit its Web site at https://www.thebrooklynstrategist.com/ for schedules and details.


Think Coffee on 248 Mercer St. is where NerdNYC has its monthly board game night. This is free and open to everyone who wants to play. You can even bring your own game if you want. So if you want great brews and a fun time with new friends, this is where you need to be. Call Think Coffee at (212) 228-6226 or e-mail bgn@nerdnyc.com for its monthly schedules.


After a fun night of games with your friends, you would be glad to have a sprinter van limo in NYC to take each of you home! Call Custom Coach and Limo and arrange for one today!


A sprinter van limo in NYC can accommodate up to 10 friends, allowing you to geek out as a group. Celebrate your being nerdy in a grand no-holds barred way.


Just how do you do this? Go to these “nerd bars,” that is how!


A good time out on the town with all your geek friends? Why not? You can try these wonderful bars with their unique spin on alcoholic beverage.


First bar on our list is Booker and Dax, which serves molecular cocktails. If the name sounds catchy, wait till you hear what is used to cool it: liquid nitrogen. Booker and Dax even has centrifuges and hot pokers. Try out some of the drinks, as they are guaranteed to be unique!


Booker and Dax is located at 207 Second Ave. in Manhattan. You can call it at (212) 254-3500.


Fans of Dr. Who will love The Way Station. This bar is inspired by the phenomenally successful series. You can go to the loo that looks amazingly like TARDIS. Or you can take in the sci-fi art that adorns its walls while enjoying its select craft beers. Most likely, you would be able to catch live musical acts and entertainment as it has burlesque shows, geek chic music and indie rock bands playing on most nights. You could also catch a film here.


Check out what's happening at The Way Station here. Or you can call (347) 627-4949. The Way Station is located at 683 Washington Ave. in Brooklyn.


Like playing board games while getting plastered? Then head straight to Barcade on 388 Union Ave. in Brooklyn. Get your fill of microbrews, metal and rock music, and video games from your childhood here. If you go between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., you get to enjoy the happy hour when beer is $1 cheaper.


Visit Barcade's Web site at http://www.barcadebrooklyn.com/ or call them at (718) 302-6464.


The Bell House, at 149 7th St. in Brooklyn, is a relatively new addition to the list of bars to be. This is more than just a bar, this is also a concert venue. Aside from up-and-coming musical bands, you could also catch stand-up comedy acts here. Cocktails are at $10 each.


Oh, by the way, this is where NPR holds its 'Ask Me Another' trivia fest!


You can call The Bell House at (718) 643-6510 or visit its Web site for more details.


Other bars worth trying out:


  • Full Circle Bar is the home of Brewskee-Ball, so it is not surprising that it challenges everyone to a game of skee ball. Come to Full Circle Bar at 318 Grand St. in Brooklyn. Visit its Web site at http://fullcirclebar.com/ or call (718) 302-2485 for more information.
  • Pouring Ribbons is where you go to if you do not want the same old, same old, cocktails on the menu. It has rotating cocktails that change every month, give or take. Pouring Ribbons is located at 225 Ave. B in Manhtattan. Call (917) 656-6788 for more details.
  • With its peculiar name, Death and Co. is sure to raise some eyebrows. But you would love the dark lighting here, and you are going to love the drinks that the bartenders concoct. It is a bit pricey, yet it is worth every dollar.

    Remember, don't drink and drive. So get a sprinter van limo in NYC from Custom Coach and Limo and we will make sure that everyone in your group gets home safe!



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