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You haven't seen the best of New York if you haven't been to the Greater Niagara Region. This western New York region borders Lake Ontario and Lake Erie and have long attracted tourists and NY residents who dream of big nature adventures. If you want to tour Greater Niagara with family or a group of friends, it would be easy to do so with a bus rental in New York.


So what are the region's best nature stops? Here's a few suggestions:


Niagara Falls State Park. What would be a trip to the region if you don't get to see the Niagara Falls, otherwise known as one of the world's best natural wonders? The Niagara Falls is a collective name for the three waterfalls - Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls - straddling the international border between Ontario, Canada and New York.


Get close to the Horseshoe and American Falls from the boats, decks, trails and vista points of Niagara Falls State Park. You can even feel the millions of gallons of water that cascade over Niagara Falls every minute! This park is known as the country's oldest state park and offers breathtaking scenery, interactive family-friendly exhibits, wonderful vacation amenities, great dining options, hiking trails, and thrilling attractions.


If you plan to visit Niagara Falls State Park with the whole gang, get a bus rental in New York and travel with ease and comfort. Call (716) 278-0337 for inquiries.


Golden Hill State Park. This park was named one of the top outdoor destinations by Reserve America. This park has a historic lighthouse and gives a scenic view of Lake Ontario. It also has a campground and museum and offers an ideal venue for hiking, fishing, boat launch, and historic and nature interpretation. Contact (716) 795-3885 or 800-456-CAMP (toll free) or visit www.nysparks.com.


Evangola State Park. This park is called one of the top campgrounds, thanks to the lovely crescent-shaped shoreline and sandy beach on Lake Erie. It is great venue for picnics, camping, swimming and even for sports like baseball, soccer, tennis and basketballs. During the winter, it has beautiful snowmobile trails. Call (716) 549-8062.


Letchworth State Park. This park is also known as the "Grand Canyon of the East" because of the over-600-feet gorges carved by the Genesee River. It has 14,350 acres of scenic park features and offers recreational activities all year round.


When you say Greater Niagara Region, what comes to mind is Niagara Falls, campgrounds or uncorrupted natural splendor. In fact, in the first part of this series, we have given you a list of parks that you can visit via bus rental in New York and where you can enjoy camping, picnics and other recreational activities while savoring the region's marvelous natural scenery.


However, the region is also home to museums, art centers, and anything that gives you a taste of culture. A bus rental in New York will take you to any of these venues. Here are the sites we recommend:


Albright-Knox Art Gallery

1285 Elmwood Avenue
Buffalo, NY
(716) 882-8700


The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is one of the oldest public arts organizations in the country. The Gallery has a wide collection of post-war American art, European art, pop art, abstract expressionism, and art pieces from the 1970s through the end of the century.


Amherst Museum

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village
3755 Tonawanda Creek Road
Amherst, NY
(716) 689-1440


If you want to experience life during the 19th century on the Niagara Frontier, head over to Amherst Museum and check out its exhibits on local history, costumes, agriculture, decorative arts, and even antique radios. You can also learn about the historic Erie Canal by climbing aboard the replica packet boat.



450 South 4th St.
Lewiston, NY
(716) 754-4375


This is a unique space that serves as a public park and as an art exhibit venue. It offers engaging entertainment, from big band concerts, to musical productions, to celebrity performances, and even cultural festivals.


Alleyway Theatre

1 Curtain Up Alley
Buffalo, NY
(716) 852-2600


The Alleyway Theatre was founded in 1980 and it hosts educational workshops, premiere productions, the annual Maxim Mazumdar New Play Competition, and the annual productions of Buffalo Quickies, which is a festival of one-acts.


Get a bus rental in New York now and get a taste of art and culture by visiting any of these places.


The Greater Niagara Region is not only home to breathtaking nature spots, but it has a thriving art and culture scene. It has museums, theaters and art centers that you and your group can visit via bus rental in New York.


Remember, you get to these places easily and comfortably with a bus rental in New York.


Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum

180 Thompson St.
North Tonawanda, NY
(716) 693-1885


Familiarize yourselves with the history of carousel making at the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum. You can also take wood carving classes and see demonstrations, as well as try a historic operating carousel. There are also family entertainment - such as youth theater performances, mime, interactive poetry, music, puppet shows, and even magic.


Explore & More Children's Museum

300 Gleed Ave.
East Aurora, NY
(716) 655-5131


If you have children in your group, check out this children's museum, which was designed to introduce the young ones to a lifetime of discovery and exploration through unique exhibits. These exhibits help the young develop their curiosity, creativity, and imagination.


Jell-O Gallery

23 East Main Street
Le Roy, NY
(585) 768-7433


This is another place the kids will surely love! it is devoted to the history of our beloved Jell-O and features numerous Jell-O memorabilia. In here, you will also get familiar with the history of Americans' favorite dessert.


Lancaster Opera House

21 Central Avenue
Lancaster, NY
(716) 683-1776


This is a restored turn-of-the-century theater that features plays, musicals, and various other productions.


Shea's Performing Arts Center

646 Main Street
Buffalo, NY
(716) 847-1410


Shows and performances at Shea's are varied and there'd be something for everyone to watch. There are concerts, Broadway shows, children's shows, classic movies, opera, or drama, etc.


Ira G. Ross Aerospace Museum

2221 Niagara Falls Blvd. Suite 7
Niagara Falls, NY
(716) 297-1324


This museum is dedicated to the many Western New Yorkers who had contributed to the world's space flight and aviation endeavors. Check out the museum's collection, which includes the Bell 47 helicopters, Bell X-22A VSTOL, Lockheed F-94A, Taylor J-2 Cub, and Bell P-39Q.


Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens

2655 South Park Avenue
Buffalo, NY
(716) 827-1584


Visit the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens and hit three birds with one stone. This is because you'll get to see three historic attractions: the 1894 tri-domed glass conservatory building, Olmsted's South Park, and the Victorian-style gardens.


Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park

One Naval Park Cove
Buffalo, NY
(716) 847-1773


Visit what is known to be the largest inland naval park of its kind in the country. It is home to the guided missile cruiser USS Little Rock (CLG-4), Submarine USS Croaker (SSK-246), and destroyer USS The Sullivans (DD-537).


Pedaling History Bicycle Museum

3943 North Buffalo Road
Orchard Park, NY
(716) 662-3853


This museum boasts one of the largest collections of antique and classic bicycles and memorabilia that cover 181 years of bicycle history.


Motherland Connextions

Bridge St. Station
Niagara Falls, NY
(866) 726-0864
(716) 282-1028


Take advantage of a customized African-American heritage tour of the Underground Railroad in NYS. See the secret passageways north to Canada that our forebears took in search of freedom.


Theatre in the Mist

Lewiston, NY
(877) 856-0694


Visit this theater and experience the broad and diverse perspectives of the performance arts through a wide range of productions.


Buffalo Museum of Science

1020 Humboldt Parkway
Buffalo, NY
(716) 896-5200


This museum is all about hands-on learning. Take a peek at the wonderful world of dinosaurs, or of backyard insects, or stroll through the Whem Ankh: the Cycle of Life in Ancient Egypt and experience life in 200 B.C. Egypt. There are several other fun-filled exhibits that center on the human experience and on natural history.


With a charter bus in New York, getting to these venues are comfortable and hassle-free, and therefore more enjoyable for the whole gang.


Get to know New York better by touring the Greater Niagara Region. From natural parks and scenic spots to museums and arts and cultural centers, Greater Niagara has a lot to offer! Visit as many beautiful locations or historical venues as you can with family or friends via a charter bus in New York.


With a bus rental in New York, getting to these places would not be a problem.


Darien Lake Resort

9993 Allegheny Road
Darien Center, NY
(585) 599-4641


If you have kids and are looking for fun rides and thrilling adventure, this is the place to be. It has over 100 rides, attractions and shows, and it has a waterpark that the young ones will absolutely love.


Lockport Locks and Erie Canal Cruises

Lockport Canal Side
210 Market Street
Lockport, NY
(716) 433-6155


Enjoy an unforgettable two-hour cruise that includes 'locking through' and then being raised up the 49 ft. elevation of the Niagara Escarpment. You will also pass under bridges that raise straight up then see water cascade over Lockport's 'Flight of Five' 1840's locks.


Lockport Cave

5 Gooding Street
Lockport, NY, 14094
(716) 438-0174


A man-made hydraulic race blasted out of solid rock some 140 years ago. A tour here includes a boat ride underground and a view of the Erie Canal Locks.


Old Fort Niagara

Youngstown, NY
(716) 745-7611


This fort is preserved just the way it was in the 1700's when Britain and France controlled Niagara. Carrying a rich history, this site was where battles, conquests, sieges and even trading took place centuries ago. This is also where you will find oldest building in Great Lakes.


Aquarium of Niagara

701 Whirlpool Street
Niagara Falls, NY
(716) 285-3575


This thirty-five-year-old aquarium is the first aquarium ever to maintain marine life with the use of synthetic seawater. It features more than 40 exhibits showcasing 1,500 aquatic creatures from all around the globe.


Becker Farms

3760 Quaker Road
Gasport, NY
(716) 772-2211


Becker Farms is a 340-acre family-owned fruit and vegetable farm that also boasts of a farm animal petting zoo. Aside from the zoo, you can also enjoy pony rides and hay rides, and a few weekend festivals in the months of June, July, September, and October.


Buffalo Zoo

300 Parkside Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14214
(716) 837-3900


This is known as the third oldest zoo in the U.S., having been in existence for over 125 years now. Standing on a 23.5-acre park, this zoo exhibits a diverse collection of exotic or wild animals. And not only that, it boasts of more than 320 different species of plants.


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