Frequently Asked Questions about Chartering a Bus

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About Charter Buses



How much does it cost to rent a bus? How much will a mini bus rental or charter cost?


Pricing for bus rentals and charters differ according to your trip details. You can get a general idea of how much it would cost to charter a bus from our pricing page, or you can request a quote for a more accurate pricing for your trips.



Can you rent a mini bus for long-distance travels?


Most of the time, a mini bus rental is not necessarily equipped for long-distance trips. It does not have all the amenities – such as an onboard toilet – that you might need to make your trip more comfortable for you. There are, however, some mini buses that can go the distance. Check out our mini bus rentals and charters page to learn more about mini buses and their features.



If I will be using a bus only for a short time, would I still be required to pay for the day rate?


The day rate is what you pay if you are going to use the bus charter for the entire day, or around 10 to 12 hours. There are special rates for shorter hours of use, like four or eight hours. Custom Coach and Limo also offers a lower rate for transfers, such as getting your guests from the airport to their hotel. Check our pricing pages for more details.



For long-distances trips, do I need to find a hotel room for the driver?


Yes. It is the customer's responsibility to book a hotel room for the driver. However, do check with your hotel if they offer complimentary rooms for your driver, especially if you have a large group traveling with you and all of them are staying at the same place.



Do your buses have air conditioning?


Yes they do have air conditioning. Except for some school buses. There are also times when air conditioning on your bus might not work properly. In such case, you will be promptly informed beforehand.



Can we watch TV or videos on your buses?


Yes you can. Each bus will have anywhere from two to six video monitors, depending on the size of the vehicle you rented. There are also buses with no TVs on board, so check with us first to be sure.



Can we smoke or drink alcohol on your buses?


Smoking is prohibited onboard our buses. If you plan to bring and consume alcohol on board, please let us know beforehand so that we could arrange a bus accordingly.



What if the bus charter breaks down on our trip?


The best thing about working with Custom Coach and Limo is that you can be sure that your bus rental is in tiptop shape. In the very remote event that your bus charter breaks down, we will be able to assist you in any emergency or quickly resolve any problems.



Will the sprinter van rental or bus charter I get be the same ones you have on your website?


Photographs of buses and vehicles you see on the Web site are only samples of the buses and sprinter vans we have in our fleet. There might be differences between what you see on the site and what will be given to you. Should you have any concerns about a particular bus, or if you have any special requests or clarifications, you can always ask our customer service agent about them.



Do you have bus rentals that are handicap-accessible?


Custom Coach and Limo has ADA accredited buses with special accessibility features available for customers who request them.



Can we drive the bus charter ourselves?


No. In the interest of safety and to make your trips more fun and comfortable, we will be assigning our own drivers along with your bus charter.



I have a question that is not answered here...


By all means, call us at (866) 952-8737, shoot us an e-mail at, or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!



Reservation & Payment



How can we book a bus?


The easiest way for you to book a bus is to request a free online quote or to call us at (866) 952-8737. A customer service professional will be in touch with you for your quote. Once everything is in order, you will be asked to submit a signed reservation confirmation and you will need to pay a deposit in order to finalize the booking.



What is the required deposit amount?


The deposit amount varies depending on how far in advance you have made the booking. In most cases, you will be asked to pay a 30% deposit when you reserve a bus. You will be asked to pay the balance one month before your travel date.



What is your refund policy?


Your deposits are refundable in full if you cancel at least 31 days before your trip date.


If you have already paid the full amount, you will lose 30% of your payment if you cancel only within 15 to 30 days of the departure date.


If you cancel within 7 to 14 days of your trip date, you would get not more than 50% of your payment back. Meanwhile, bookings cancelled only within 7 days of your trip date will forfeit the full amount of your payment.



When should you pay the entire trip amount?


Final payment is expected to be paid 30 days before your departure date.



What if I book a trip for next week?


You can still book a bus for trips happening sooner, but you would need to pay the full amount upon booking.



How can I pay?


Custom Coach and Limo accepts all major credit cards.



What if there are any changes in our travel plans?


Custom Coach and Limo can handle any changes to your itinerary and travel plans granted that we are given due notice. A change in your trip schedule, where you travel on different days than those that are booked with us, is considered a cancellation and rebooking. While we strive to waive cancellation fees as much as possible, there are instances when such fees are applicable, especially when the costs associated with the trip change, or if there is a problem with bus availability and adjustments had to be made.



Could we ask for discounts when renting more than one bus?


Quantity discounts are usually given to customers who book at least five buses within a single area. However, these discounts are subject to the time of year and bus availability.



What if our trip takes longer than expected?


The quotes for your trip are based on the itinerary and time you provide us. If you go beyond the stated hours, you will be responsible for additional costs.



Other than the cost of the bus rental, what else do I need to pay for?


Customers would need to pay for tolls and parking fees. Furthermore, if you are satisfied with your driver, you might consider giving him or her a tip. Standard practice recommends a 10% to 20% tip for your drivers for local charters and $1 to $2 per person per day if you are going on a long-distance or multi-day trip.



Do you handle convention transportation?


Custom Coach and Limo can help you shuttle employees from your office to a convention or conference venue.



About the company



What's the story behind Custom Coach and Limo?


In the old days, it was quite a headache to rent a bus charter. If you think that the price differentials you now see on plane tickets, where you get different prices depending on what time you buy your plane tickets and where you buy it, are confusing and frustrating, you could not even begin to imagine how much more difficult it was to get the most affordable rates on bus rentals.


Custom Coach and Limo was born in 2005, and has since then helped hundreds of people get a handle on chartering the most cost-efficient, the most comfortable, and the perfect bus for their group's transportation needs. It is not more than 12 years and we have added more services and more buses to our fleet, but we still kept true to our commitment to provide you with a hassle-free bus rental. You get to focus on having fun on your vacation, while we take care of everything to get you to your destinations safely!



How many customers do you usually have per month.


Custom Coach and Limo is proud to serve an average of 250 customers every month!



How many customers have you served since you opened the service?

Custom Coach and Limo is proud to serve an average of 250 customers every month!



How many customers have you served since you opened the service?


Since 2006, Custom Coach and Limo has made more than 30,000 groups happy with their bus rentals!



Can you give us an idea of the trips that you have handled?


Most of our customers rent a bus for trips within New York City. Other significant group are those that travel to other parts of New York State, those who go to New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. But we also cater to long distance travelers. The farthest trip we have facilitated started out in New York City and went on a tour to Florida!



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