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It is very important to keep passengers entertained during a long-distance trip to, from, or around New York on a bus charter. Prepare a game or activity for your group so that you can keep everyone from getting antsy, bored or tired while on the road.


We have given you a few examples of games or activities that you can prepare


Celebrity Chain Game.

This is a great game to keep everyone in the New York bus charter thinking. To play, one starts by saying the name of a famous celebrity or personality – like Brad Pitt. The next person must take the first letter of this celebrity’s last name – in this case, P from Pitt – and think of another celebrity whose first name starts with this letter, like Paul McCartney. The next person must then think of a celebrity whose first name starts with the letter M. And so on and so forth.


Scavenger Hunt.

This is a very easy game and it helps passengers observe and appreciate the scenery they see from their windows. Before the trip, make a list of things – may it be animals, signs, landmarks, crops, etc. – that you are likely to see while passing by. Print this list and hand copies to everyone. You can play this in groups (i.e. group those on window seats with those on aisle seats), with the first group to find all the items as the winner.


Pass the Ball While the Music Plays.

Prepare a medium-sized ball that’s easy to pass around. You will also need to play music loud enough for everyone to hear. Again, check with your New York bus company regarding the availability of a music player and/or speakers. You can also play the music via iPod or your laptop or any mobile device, as long as it’s easy for you to pause and play again. The rules of the game are simple: The ball is passed from one passenger to the next while the music is playing. Whoever is holding the ball when the music stops receives a punishment or consequence – like he or she may need to sing a song for everyone. Afterward, play the music again and continue passing the ball around.


Doing something fun takes away the boredom and the restlessness from passengers. In addition, it allows the group to bond and interact with each other.


But how do you keep things interesting? Here's how!

1. Prepare prizes or incentives.

We all know that games are not half as fun if winners don’t get anything. Preparing prizes motivates everyone to join the game instead of acting indifferent (because there really are people who would). If your group has some budget to spare, you can get inexpensive prizes that anyone would love to get, such as a book or movie tickets. If you are feeling generous, you can give out something unexpected and extravagant like a gift cheque for a day at the spa. If you are playing games by teams, you can also treat the winning team to a sundae cone.


2. Or prepare consequences.

You can also encourage passengers to enthusiastically take part in the games by preparing consequences if they lose. Think of reasonable and doable consequences, like asking a passenger to sing a silly song, or wear a silly sign all day long, or imitate a particular animal.


3. As interactive as possible.

When preparing games that you can play aboard a New York bus charter, it’s best if you choose the ones that allow passengers to interact with each other. For instance, choose a game that requires passengers to shout out the answer instead of writing it down. Or a game that requires passengers to talk with each other and to laugh at each other’s silliness.


4. Fasten your seatbelts.

Choose games you can play while seated and avoid games that require passengers to stand up. This ensures the safety of everyone while having fun.



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