Gather the Kids on a 31-Passenger Executive Mini Coach Bus in New York and Visit These Children's Museums

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Are you organizing a field trip or class excursion for kids? If you are, then take them to the various children's museums in NYC for a fun and enriching experience! Simply arrange for a 31-passenger executive mini coach bus in New York to take care of your transportation needs.


31-Passenger Executive Mini Coach Bus in New York


Here is a list of children's museums in NYC. Pick the ones you think your class would enjoy, get on a 31-passenger executive mini coach bus in New York, and have a memorable time.


Children's Museum of Manhattan


The Children's Museum of Manhattan has been around for more than three decades and welcomes more than 325,000 people each year, more than 64,000 of which are children.


Here, the kids can create their own art after learning about different artists, inspirations, and even techniques. Also check out the EatSleepPlay: Building Health Every Day exhibit, where the kids can play at more than 70 interactive exhibits that teach them about health and leading a healthy lifestyle.


There is also PlayWorks for the younger set. PlayWorks helps prepare your kids for school. They get a mix of learning and playing as they explore the exhibit. Nickelodeon's Dora and Diego are also present here at the museum, and they teach your kids about animals and how they live. The kids can help Diego rescue animals that are in danger and they can explore a beach, a rainforest and a cave even. Meanwhile, there is a fun fiesta at Dora's house and there are a lot of activities there as well.


Further, you can take all the kids to City Splash, where they can learn more about water in a fun way. The kids will love launching boats, playing in the puddle patch and other fun attractions here. Then you have Hello from Japan, which helps kids learn more about Tokyo, its culture and a whole lot more.


The museum also has smaller exhibits such as the Playmobil – The World To Play and Little West Side in the Creativity Lab.


The museum is open every day except Monday for outreach and school programs. Admission is $11 per person. Groups with more than 15 people needs to be scheduled for the museum's guide group visit program.


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Now here are other NYC children's museum worth visiting:


The Brooklyn Children's Museum


The Brooklyn Children's Museum is in Crown Heights and, having been opened in 1899, was the first museum in the country to cater to children. It also holds the distinction of being the first green museum in the Big Apple after it underwent a renovation and reopened in 2008.


The exhibits you will find here will help you understand how educational needs have changed over time, as well as understand the museum's long history. The museum has several exhibits that deal with nature, such as the Con Edison Greenhouse, Neighborhood Nature, the pond aquarium and the community garden. It also has the Sensory Room, Collections Central, Totally Tots, World Brooklyn and other exhibits. There are also upcoming exhibits that you can look forward to.


You can also hold birthday parties here. If your kid is celebrating his or her birthday soon, why not take your kid's friends here? The museum offers themed parties for you and you can customize the number of guests and the facilities you want to use according to your budget. There are three party package options for you to choose from: Deluxe Package, Party Package, and Bargain Bash.


The museum is open all week long except Monday and admission is $9 per person. Special discounts for groups are available.


We all know that learning goes beyond the classroom. So make sure that you help broaden students' learning experiences by taking them outside the confines of the school. There are places like nature centers, historical landmarks, and museums for this purpose. You can get a 31-passenger executive mini coach bus in New York and organize a trip or a class excursion to these places.


For this series of articles, we are sharing with you a list of children's museums that are worth visiting if you have a handful of eager learners. A 31-passenger executive mini coach bus in New York from Custom Coach & Limo is just the ideal transportation option for your little trip.


The Staten Island Children's Museum


The Staten Island Children's Museum is located at the Sailors' Snug Harbor. The museum has a variety of interactive exhibits for your kids. A majority of the exhibits here are hands-on and interactive. There are now around a dozen different exhibits here, including:


  • Art Museum. You can see the works of DB Lampman here, and Diane Brunner.  You could also check out Francis the Praying Mantis, which is made out of used car parts.  Then see the World's Table by Cynthia Panucci. Other pieces worth perusing are the World Peace Lotus and Folded Time.
  • Big Games.  Big Games is where you can play, well big games.  You can play a larger than life chess game, bowling,checkers, connect four, ball toss and dominos.  You can also build with the museum's one of a kind builder boards.
  • Block Harbor.  Allows your kids to become pirates and sailors for a day.  


Bug & Other Insects. This exhibit allows you to learn more about insects. The kids will have fun crawling through a giant anthill while also putting larva into chambers. You can also view bees and butterflies as they are being born or as they work, and learn some trivia related to insects.


Great Explorations. Great Explorations gives you the chance to explore a cave and a rainforest. Or you can go diving to the ocean floor, build an igloo, host a radio program, and a host of other fun stuff


House About It. If you are interested in houses, you will want to check this exhibit out. You can learn how to build houses, and use equipment and tools such as a wrecking ball, drills and others.


Other exhibits here include:


  • Garden Terrace
  • Green Living Room
  • Ladder 11
  • Portia's Playhouse
  • Sea of Boats
  • Walk-in Workshop


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