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Thousand Islands is a popular international tourist destination with its many natural scenic wonders and its rich history. Plus, with the many activities that the region offers, tourists and New York residents alike will truly enjoy a day -- or a few days! -- here. Just get a charter bus in New York and you�re all set!


First, marvel at Thousand Islands' amazing history that gave rise to several museums and beautiful historical spots. We suggest that you take a tour of these venues with family and friends on board a charter bus in New York.


Boldt Castle

Heart Island, Alexandria Bay
(315) 482-2501
Web site


If India has the Taj Mahal, Thousand Islands has the Boldt Castle. This castle was built on Heart Island by George Boldt for his wife, Louise. George Boldt was the proprietor of the famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC.


The castle has 120 rooms and built in Rhineland style, which was popular during the early 1900s. It was meant to be a monument of Boldt's love for Louise and his family. When Louise suddenly died in 1904, Boldt stopped work on the castle, never to return there again and leaving it unfinished and unattended for 73 years.


In 1977, the property was acquired by the Thousand Island Bridge Authority and rehabilitation and improvement on the structure began. The castle was soon after opened to the public, giving them a glimpse of how George and Louise would have lived in it and how George would have wanted it to look like upon completion, along with interesting insights on the life in the region during their time.


You could also see Kestrel at the Boldt Yacht House. Kestrel is a fully operational 63-foot steam yacht built in 1892.


Adults could visit the castle for only $8, and children for $5.50. The yacht house is open for an admission price of $5 per adult and $3 per child. Discounts are available for groups of 20 or more.


Boldt Castle is open from May to October.


Singer Castle

Dark Island
(315) 324-3275
Web site


If you have ever wondered what a medieval castle would be like, then visit the Singer Castle.


It might be out of your way, but it is definitely worth the trip. The Singer Castle was built by Frederick Gilbert Bourne, the millionaire who headed the Singer Sewing Company. Bourne bought the entire island and built the massive castle that had close to 30 rooms and a tower that stood four stories up.


The Singer Castle was occupied by the Bourne and his family and some of their belongings and other pieces are still on display. Also, it is very interesting to see the secret passageways as well as the dungeons and underground passages.


Adults get in for only $12.50, senior citizens and children pay $11.50 and $6.25, respectively, while children under 3 years old get in for free.


Hop in a charter bus in New York and visit these castles to get a taste of Thousand Islands' history. Thousand Islands is a wonderful destination for tourists with its marvelous natural scenery and its rich history. With a charter bus in New York, touring the region will surely be an amazing and unforgettable experience.


Thousand Islands' impressive history had given rise to beautiful historical spots as well as museums.


Take a tour of the museums with family and friends and make sure transportation is not a problem by getting a charter bus in New York.


Thousand Islands Museum

312 James Street
Clayton, NY 13624
(315) 686-5794


The museum's gallery and library gives you a glimpse of what life was along the St. Lawrence River and in the Thousand Islands region. The museum also holds special exhibits of world-class hunting decoys and muskies from both past and present.


Antique Boat Museum

750 Mary St.
Clayton, NY
(315) 686 4104
Web site


The Antique Boat Museum is a must-see for all boating enthusiasts. The museum has more than 250 boats on display, making it a boat lover's paradise. Even those who are not interested in boats will have a great time at this museum with its history and exhibits. It has old row boats, sailboats, racing boats, and even the biggest runabout in the world.


General admission is $12, children 7 to 12 years old and senior citizens enjoy discounts on the ticket price. Children 6 years old and younger get in for free.


Frederic Remington Art Museum

303 Washington St.
Ogdensburg, NY 13669
(315) 393-2425


The Frederic Remington Art Museum is home to a comprehensive collection of original paintings, sculptures and sketches by artist Frederic Remington. Remington's art is best known for depicting soldiers, cowboys and Native Americans in the Old West. You can also see an array of personal possessions, memorabilia, as well as correspondence that will give you a look into the artist as a person and his visions.


Other museums in the area that are worth visiting are:


Cornwall Brothers Store and Art History

36 Market St, Box 695
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
(315) 482-4586


Handweaving Museum & Art Center

314 John Street
Clayton, NY 13624
(315) 686-4123


When touring Thousand Islands, make sure to get a charter bus in New York to make your trip comfortable and hassle-free.


Thousand Islands could very well be the most beautiful place you'll get to see in New York. The region is an international tourist destination, with its rich history, the attractions it offers, and its many boating, fishing and vacation locations. And because of this. a trip there via a charter bus in New York would surely be worth your time!


1000 Islands Diving Adventures

335 Riverside Dr.
Clayton, NY
(315) 686 3030
(800) 544 4241
Web site


Open from the middle of May to September every year, the 1000 Islands Diving Adventures offers different diving activities, such as a tour of the wrecks all around the Thousand Islands, The Clayton Natural Features Dive and the St. Lawrence River and Seaway Dive. Diving packages start at $399.


Non-divers are also welcome. The company will arrange non-diving tours for those who do not wish to go diving.


Hunts Dive Shop

40782 Rt. 12
Clayton, NY
(315) 686-1070
(866) SEA-HUNT
Web site


The Hunts Dive Shop is open all year round and could be one of the few places you can contact during the fall and winter months.


Hunts offers diving packages, diving classes, equipment rentals, charters and other things you need for your diving trip.


Lindavue Adventures - Fishing-Hunting-Eco Tours

36783 Maloney Rd.
Clayton, NY
(315) 654-2673
Web site


Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties have countless of lakes, rivers and inland ponds that are just teeming with fish. Lindavue Adventures can arrange fishing expeditions for you and your group and can provide you with the necessary boats, or kayaks, rafts, canoes and small boats. You can also customize your outing to fit your tastes. You can fish while others in your group go hunting for bear, deer, turkey and other animals.


If you are touring New York, a visit to Thousand Islands might be a great highlight to your trip. The region offers beautiful and breathtaking scenery and a lot of activities and attractions to choose from. And as long as you have a charter bus in New York, getting to Thousand Islands would be easy and problem-free. Climb aboard your charter bus in New York and have fun with friends and family in any of these venues:


Whitewater Challengers, Inc.

16129 Foster Park Rd.
Dexter, NY
(800) 443-RAFT
Web site


Whitewater Challengers is open only from May to October every year. You and your group could have the best time rafting down Black River. You can also go whitewater rafting. Their fees start at $31, including a barbecue dinner!


1000 Islands Skydeck

Hill Island
Lansdowne, Ontario
(613) 659-2335,


The 1000 Islands Skydeck gives you the best views of the Thousand Islands and the St. Lawrence River. Ride an elevator that will take you up 400 feet up in only 40 seconds. Group tours are available.


Adults can get in at less than $10, while children 6 to 12 years old pay only $5.75. Children under 5 get in for free. Discounts are available for groups.


Champagne Hot Air Balloon Adventures

27 James Street
Alexandria Bay, NY 13607
(315) 482-9356


Take to the sky in a hot air balloon and savor one of the most unforgettable and most romantic things you can experience in life. Take in the beauty and splendour of the region from the skies.


If you are planning a trip to New York, or you are a New York resident planning a trip somewhere within the state that you haven't been to? Then you might want to include Thousand Islands in your itinerary. You can get a charter bus in New York and hop from one venue in the region to the next.


With a charter bus in New York, getting to these places would be easy, comfortable, and worry-free.


Backyard Farmer

12139 Rt. 11, Adams Center
(315) 583-6181


Backyard Farmer allows you to pick strawberries and buy seasonal crops of different varieties. They also sell gifts, clothes, and footwear. If you visit in time for the annual fall festival, you can enjoy hay rides, shows, fireworks, carnival ride and a haunted house feature.


Alex Bay 500 Go-Karts

43772 Rt. 12
Alexandria Bay, NY
(315) 482-2021
Web site


500 Go-Karts is where you can go for both go karts and mini golf. Not only do they have New York's longest asphalt track but they also have a great mini golf course.


They have a Putt and Ride Package wherein you could go for three laps on the course and play a round of mini golf afterwards for only $20. For racing fans, you can go for 12 laps for only $50. If you want to try it out, you can go for 1 lap for only $6!


Aqua Zoo Aquarium

43681 Rt. 12
Alexandria Bay, NY
(315) 482-5771
Web site


Aqua Zoo Aquarium is the only family-owned aquarium that is open to the public. They have more than 150 species of fish, inverts and corals in more than 50 different exhibits. They also have a gift shop and two alligators on the premises.


Admission prices for adults go for $7.50, children aged 2 to 12 years old get in for $7.


Make your trip to Thousand Islands memorable by making sure you never have to worry about transportation. Get a charter bus in New York now!





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