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School is filled with milestones and moments that would make your life richer and fuller. Here are times when you should get a bus rental in NYC to make these more memorable.


1. Field trips.

Learning is not confined within the four walls of the school. There are a lot of attractions within the city of New York that would be good for children to visit. Museums, for one, could teach them about their heritage, history and other stuff. Parks and zoos could teach them a lot about the natural world.


While there are school buses available, it might not be enough to take everyone to your destination. What's more, charter buses are much safer and more comfortable with air conditioning and an onboard toilet that they will appreciate even more on long distance trips.


Custom Coach and Limo is duly certified by the New York State Board of Education. This is our seal of guarantee that our buses are safe for your kids!


2. Learning tours.

Teachers and school administrators could arrange learning tours for their students. This involves getting on a bus and taking a drive all around the Big Apple and beyond. Teachers could take advantage of the microphone, TV and sound system available on the bus rental in NYC to tell their students more about certain places making history come alive for them and much more interesting than just reading all about it from their books.


3. Proms.

what better way to celebrate a milestone than to have a prty bus rental in NYC for you and your friends. You can forget the limousine and get all your friends together on board the party bus and go to your prom in style!


In the event that the prom is boring, you can get everyone on board and have a party right inside the bus! You can also make sure that everyone is safe and gets home in one piece by chartering a bus rental in NYC!



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