Get a Charter Bus in NYC and Experience the City's Best Ice Cream

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New York can become really hot during the summer, so if you are visiting the city during that time, you will surely be craving for the perfect ice cream. That is why we have come up with our very own list of the best ice cream shops in town. You can all go down from your charter bus in NYC in between sightseeing tours and cool down with a cone or cup of your favorite ice cream.


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Il Laboratorio del Gelato


Il Laboratorio Gelato has an overwhelming selection of ice cream flavors. Especially with the fact that all of them are really good! If you are staying in the Big Apple for several days, then tasting one flavor a day would make a lot of sense.


Il Laboratorio Gelato is located at 188 Ludlow St. To see a list of ice cream flavors and to help you get started, visit


Big Gay Ice Cream Shop


Big Gay Ice Cream Shop gives you creatively named ice cream. Its best seller, though, is the Salty Pimp, which is actually a combination of vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, chocolate dip and sea salt.


Big Gay is on 125 E 7th St., but it also has other locations. Check its Web site to see which one is nearest you:


Sundaes and Cones


Sundaes and Cones serves premium quality and excellent-tasting ice cream in exotic flavors. So if you are adventurous when it comes to your ice cream, try out flavors like red bean, wasabi, matcha, black sesame, and even ginger!


This ice cream place is located on 95 E 10th St. Visit its Web site at for more information.


Melt Bakery


Melt Bakery is known for interesting and inventive ice cream sandwich flavor combinations. It also plays with different textures for its sandwiches, ranging from chewy to crunchy cookies, and even Whoopie pie-like.


Melt Bakery is on 132 Orchard Street. Know more about Melt Bakery and its selection of ice cream sandwiches by logging on to


With these ice cream shops, you can have the perfect ending to a tiring day under the heat of the sun. Make sure to ask your charter bus in NYC driver stop by any of these ice cream havens for a scoop or two of mouth-watering ice cream!


Blue Marble


Blue Marble boasts of ice cream that contains high butterfat to ensure that it is super creamy and has bright flavors. They have the classic flavors, but their soft-serve ice cream come in daring flavors like Vietnamese cinnamon and herbal root beer.


Blue Marble is located at 420 Atlantic Ave., in Brooklyn. Visit for more information.


Odd Fellows


Another ice cream shop worth a try if you have an adventurous taste is Odd Fellows. They serve unique and daring flavors such as cornbread, Tobacco Leaf Smoked Chili Huckleberry, Sesame Kumquat Pumpernickel and chorizo caramel. Classic and kid-friendly flavors are also available there, too.


The Odd Fellows shop is located at 175 Kent Avenue, in Brooklyn. Log on to for details.


Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory


For some, the simple and classic flavors are still the best when it comes to ice cream. That is why we have included Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory in our list. You have the familiar flavors like chocolate, strawberry, peaches and cream, butter pecan, and coffee.


This ice cream shop is located at 1 Water Street in Brooklyn. They also have another location on 97 Commercial Street, in Brooklyn.


Other ice cream places that deserve a mention are:


  • Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria, on 53 Great Jones St.
  • Nicoletta, at 160 2nd Ave.
  • Osteria Morini, on 218 Lafayette St
  • Dominique Ansel, on 189 Spring St.
  • Victory Garden, on 31 Carmine St
  • Eataly, 200 5th Ave.
  • Ample Hills Creamery, on 623 Vanderbilt Ave.
  • Amorino Gelato, in 60 University Pl.


Nothing really beats great-tasting ice cream during the summer. So before your charter bus in NYC takes all of you home or back to your hotel after a long and tiring day of going around and seeing the city, do treat yourselves to a scoop of ice cream and cool down a bit.


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