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The Big Apple is considered a food lover's paradise because of the number of restaurants and dining places that offer all sorts of cuisines and dishes from all over the world. But you know one thing that New Yorkers cannot live without? It is pizza. New York has some of the best tasting pizza ever! And we are giving you a list of the best pizza places in town. Make sure to make time for any of these places in between sightseeing tours on board a charter bus in NYC.


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Motorino's Neapolitan pizza is a best-seller. It is made of floppy-crusted pie that is topped with Brussels sprouts with pancetta, garlic slices, broccolini with spicy sausage, and shreds of eggy Stracciatella. And while you are there, give their meatball pies and clam pies a try, too.


Motorino is on 319 Graham Avenue, in Brooklyn. For more information, log on to


Don Antonio by Starita


This particular pizza shop serves amazingly good pizza by Antonio Starita. They have their own version of deep-fried pie, which is topped with smoked buffalo mozzarella and divinely sweet tomatoes.


Don Antonio by Starita is located at 309 W. 50th St.


Speedy Romeo


Try Speedy Romeo's Saint Louis, Missouri-style pizza. This pizza has pepperoni, pickled chilis, Italian sausage, and Provel (processed white cheese). They also have a thin-crust pizza with the crust baked until charred, then topped with wild mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, and egg, all seasoned with sage.


Speedy Romeo is located at 376 Classon Ave., in Brooklyn. Check out Speedy Romeo's Web site at


Why not invite your friends, your kids and their playmates, your colleagues or the whole family, to go grab pizza with you? Get a charter bus in NYC to take you to the Big Apple's best pizza shops.




Roberta's brick-oven pizzas are a must-taste. If you find their selection of pizza confusing then go for the famous Cheeses Christ. This one is a combination of three cheeses – mozzarella, talleggio , parmiggiano – sprinkled with black pepper. Also worth a try is the Bee Sting, with its sweet-tasting combination of tomato, mozzarella, honey, and soppressata. Roberta's also has pies with interesting toppings. Come early and be ready to wait for a table because lines may get long.


Roberta's is located at 261 Moore St., in Brooklyn. For more information, check out




Totonno's has been serving pizza since 1924. So if it's been around that long, it can only mean one thing: it is that good. This no-frills pizza place is known for its white pizza – an ultra-thin crust that is covered with white house-made mozzarella and pecornino romano. Their Mergherita pie is also worth a try.


Totonno's is at 1524 Neptune Ave., in Coney Island, Brooklyn. Log on to for more information.


Patsy's Pizzeria


Patsy's Pizzeria has been around since 1933, so it is considered one of the oldest pizza places in the city. Its regular pie with your own choice of toppings is a favorite. So are its Margherita and its Polpette pie topped with meatballs.


The original Patsy's Pizzeria is located at 2287 First Ave. Log on to to find our more about the place.


Why not have a "pizza tour" with family and friends? Arrange for a charter bus in NYC and visit one pizza destination to another until you are stuffed.


The Big Apple has an overwhelming number of pizzarias, so if you really want the best, a list can come in handy. That is why we are giving you suggestions on where to get the best pizza in town to save you time. In case you are just visiting New York City, you can include it in your itinerary. Ask your charter bus in NYC driver to make a stop at any of these pizza places for lunch:




Lucali is a lovely pizza house, with charming old-school decor and excellent-tasting pizza with basil to boot. Even celebrities like Jay Z and Beyonce count Lucali as favorite.


This pizza place actually used to be a candy store, which its current owner, pizzaiolo Mark Iacono, used to frequent when he was just a kid. He then acquired the place and transformed it into a modest pizza restaurant. Nowadays, it is far from modest because people flock here to get their tummies filled. We advise that you go on weeknights as the place is always crowded.


Lucali is located at 575 Henry Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.


Di Fara


Many consider Di Fara an institution when it comes to pizza. You must try its regular pizza, with charred crust that is generously topped with tomato sauce, parmesan, mozzarella, fresh-cut basil, and olive oil. It is also personally prepared by pizza master Dom De Marco, so you can be sure it is really smacking good.


Di Fara is located at 1424 Avenue J., in Midwood, Brooklyn. For more information, visit


John's of Bleecker Street


This pizza restaurant transports you to a nostalgic time, with faded murals and warm, rustic wooden furniture that make up its very charming interiors. However, beyond the design is great-tasting pizza. Its brick-oven pizza has charcoal-kissed crust, with your own choice of toppings at $3 each.


John's Pizzeria is on 278 Bleecker St. Check out to know more.


Never leave New York City without getting a taste of its best pizzas. We can say it makes for a complete NYC experience. And because pizza is perfect when shared with friends or with family, get a charter bus in NYC and take the gang with you.


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