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Thousand Islands is where the state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario meet. With close to 2,000 islands, a wide expanse of shorelines, one of a kind history and culture, Thousand Islands offers you a lot of things to do here. Take your whole family to the perfect getaway to Thousand Islands on board a Sprinter van rental in NYC!


Imagine having the whole family inside a Sprinter van rental in NYC and driving down the Great Lakes Seaway Trail or Interstate 81 to get to the Thousand Islands and see its wonderful sights and visit its many attractions.


Sprinter Van Rental in New York


There are 1,864 islands here, most of them owned by private individuals and entities. But there are still a lot of islands that are open to the public and connected to the mainland by bridges.


Thousand Islands captivates visitors with its natural beauty. There are a lot of boat tours available for those who want to go island hopping and learn more about the area's history. As you may know, the area used to be visited frequently by pirates. This area is also where bootleggers and smugglers used to ply in order to get contraband goods into the United States during Prohibition.


You could also go fishing, visit museums, catch a show, or even enjoy a round of mini golf or go kart.


If you plan to go to an island that is part of Canada's territory, then you should have your passport with you. The only exceptions are the boat tours that cross borders but do not let passengers get down on the other side of their origin.


It might be a long ride, so make sure that everyone is comfortable and safe. You can make sure of these when you get a Sprinter van rental in NYC with its spacious interiors and various safety features!


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