Get Your Fill of the Arts in Broome County

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If you are an art lover, then be sure to visit the variety of art galleries in Broome County. Better yet, get a sprinter van rental in New York City to get there.


Getting a sprinter van rental in New York City allows you to visit faraway places with ease. You can take up to 12 family and friends with you to an arts excursion in Broome County.


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Where should you go? Here are some ideas:


Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts


Anthony Brunelli is a photorealist painter, but his gallery features the work of both local and internationally renowned artists. Anthony's brother, John, is the director of the gallery. John Brunelli used to work for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and has been instrumental in getting world-class exhibits for the gallery.


If you want to see the best of realist art, you do not have to go further than Binghamton. Visit the Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts now!


Anthony Brunelli Fine Arts
186 State Street
Web site


The Africa House


The Africa House has exhibits on culture, arts and education that feature the African culture and the African diaspora.


They also have film screenings and book readings.


Africa House
50 Washington Avenue
Web site


The Art Mission & Theatre


The Art Mission & Theatre is where you go to see the biggest and the best independent, foreign language and experimental films. They regularly screen award winning movies here. General admission is $9.


They also have a gallery that puts on exhibits featuring the art, photography, sculptures and paintings of local artists.


The Art Mission & Theatre
61 Prospect Street
Web site


Binghamton in Broome County is having a revival of the arts. The place is teeming with artists of every discipline, making it a hotbed of talent. So why not rent a sprinter van rental in New York City and visit Binghamton?


Where do you go?


Binghamton University Art Museum


Be one of the 25,000 people who visit the Binghamton University Art Museum every year. The museum is home to around 3,000 objects coming from various periods of art history and from all around the world.


The University art museum is open only from 12 noon to 4 pm. Admission is free.


Binghamton University Art Museum
Web site


The Bundy Museum of History & Art


You may not know this, but the founders of Bundy Time Recorders, which would later become IBM, were from Binghamton. The site where the Bundy Museum of History & Art now stands use to be the old home of Harlow E. Bundy, one of the Bundy brothers who founded Bundy Time Recorders.


The museum is now home to various exhibits and pieces focusing on the Bundy brothers, the history of the place and the businesses and entrepreneurs of that time.


They also have special art exhibits, Asian artifacts and a vintage barbershop.


General admission is $7. Children under ten years old get in for free.


The Bundy Museum of History & Art
129 Main Street
Web site


Binghamton is the country seat of Broome County. It is the county's cultural center, as well as its principal city. With only less than 50,000 people, who would have thought that this little area would have such a lively art scene? So, why not hire a charter bus in New York City and head over to Binghamton to satisfy your artistic cravings?


A charter bus in New York City allows you to bring a large group of people to Binghamton. You can plan a community arts activity or get your arts-minded friends together for a fun time in Broome County.


Now where to go?


Garland Gallery, L.L.C.
116 Gorgeous Washington Street
(607) 723-5172
Web site


The Garland Gallery is more than just a gallery where you could look at the artworks and admire them from afar. They let you bring art home! They also have design and mounting services so if you want to have your own artwork displayed at your home, you can protect it beautifully.


They also sell unique books, gifts and cards. The gallery has more than 700 cards that you could choose from. If you want to surprise friends with art-related books and other unique gifts, they have those as well.


Jungle Science
33 Court Street; 2nd Floor
Binghamton, NY 13901
(607) 237-7205
Web site


Jungle Science presents the best artworks by both resident artists and guest artists who regularly use the venue for their exhibits.


Jungle Science has several artists in residence, including painters Christina Esposito and Katie Grant, video producer Minoo Allen, and pen and ink artist Brandon Maslar.


They also hold a variety of entertainment events that are open to the public.


Binghamton in Broome County has slowly become a center for the arts in recent years. Despite the floodings in the past few years, the area is now home to a wide range of art galleries that feature renowned artists in the country and even international artists working in all types of media. Rent a sprinter van rental in NYC and take the whole family to Binghamton for a fun afternoon filled with all the artistic activities you can think of.


Art Barn Studio
4011 Saddlemire Road
Binghamton, NY 13903
(607) 772-9711
Web site


At the Art Barn Studio, you do not just admire art, you also get to create it.


If you have ever wanted to unleash the creativity and artistry in you, you can join the classes they hold weekly or monthly, such as the Mosaic Mania on Mondays, the After Work Arty House on the fourth Friday of each month, or the Paint Play that happens every First Tuesday of every month.


Connelly Gallery
205 State Street
Binghamton, NY 13901
(607) 722-9593
Web site


The Connelly Gallery is owned by Bob and Sallie Connelly. Bob Connelly is an appraiser specializing in antiques, collectibles, decorative arts, clocks, classic cars, watches, sports memorabilia and other stuff.


They hold regular auctions where you could bid for these same stuff or at least admire them!


You might think that the only places where you can see the best artworks, sculptures and drawings are in New York City. A short visit to Binghamton will prove you wrong. So why not organize a small group of friends and visit the city on a mini bus rental in NYC?


So where could you go? Try out these sites:


Phelps Mansion Museum
191 Court Street
(607) 722-4873
Web site


The Phelps Mansion Museum is a national historic landmark and is in the running to becoming a New York State museum. The museum gives you a glimpse of life in the late 1800s, around the time the house was built. They also hold special displays, such as an exhibit of white dresses from the era and a showcase of Edwardian and Victorian bridal gowns.


You would love the mansion's Victorian style look and its collection of chandeliers, including a Baccarat crystal chandelier that hangs in the ballroom.


The museum also features the works of local and national artists through various art exhibits.


Tours are available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. For group tours, you would need to call ahead of time to arrange for one.


E.L. Downey Studio & Gallery
33 Court Street; 2nd Floor
Binghamton, NY 13901
(607) 727-6275
Web site


The E.L. Downey Studio & Gallery features masks made of leather. This is where you could get Venetian-style masks.


E.L. Downey brings together his experience as a sculptor, painter and jeweler to create these masterpieces. Each one is molded on a plaster cast of a face, and is created by hand.


If you are an artist who’s just starting out in the art world, you might want to consider exhibiting your art works in Binghamton, which is in Broome County. The area is getting the attention of both artists and art patrons as an important art center. Now if you need to make sure that friends and family are there with you on opening night, consider hiring a mini bus rental in New York City.


So what types of art venues are we talking about here? Check out:


Roberson Museum & Science Center
30 Front Street
Binghamton, NY 13905
(607) 772-0660


The Roberson Museum & Science Center houses the only planetarium in the Binghamton area. But this is not its only attraction as it also holds a variety of events and exhibits, including the Annual Wine and Food Fest, theater shows, art exhibits, art festivals, historical pieces and others. It also has the Edwin A. Link and the Air Age exhibit. The aviation exhibit features such items as pilots clothing, aircraft instruments, artifacts from the Second World War, and film footage of the area during the 1920s to the 1940s.


The Roberson Museum & Science Center is an accredited member of the American Alliance of Museums.


Windsor Whip Works Art Gallery
98 Main Street
Windsor, NY 13865
(607) 655-2370


From being an old buggy whip factory, the Windsor Whip Works Art Gallery has featured the finest contemporary art pieces in recent years. They usually feature the most talented local artists, and even renowned national and international artists.


Cooperative Gallery 213
213 State Street
Binghamton, NY 13901
(607) 724-3462
Web site


The Cooperative Gallery 213 is one of the first galleries on State St., which is now considered to be the hub of the renaissance of the arts in the city.


Its featured artists include:


  • Ada Stallman
  • Alexandra Davis
  • Aubrey Clark
  • Bill Gorman
  • Carolyn Gilligan
  • Daniel J. Harrington
  • Geoffrey Gould
  • Jeanne VanBuren
  • Joanne Thorne Arnold
  • John Thomson
  • Karen Fedczuk
  • Karen Kuff-Demicco
  • Kathryn M. Niles
  • Ken Weir
  • Nancy Ryan
  • Peg Johnston
  • Shirley Ernst
  • Susan Kendrot


Cooperative Gallery 213 is one of the stops on the highly successful First Friday Art Walks.


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