Go on a Free Walking Tour in New York City

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There are a lot of free walking tours that would introduce you to New York City. While these are walking tours, you would still need a mini bus rental in NYC for your group.


A mini bus rental in NYC can take your group to the meet up point and then pick you up after the tour. You will undoubtedly appreciate the cool comforts inside a mini bus after your tour.


For one, a mini bus rental in NYC is air conditioned. You would have spent at least an hour walking under the heat of the sun, so it would be nice to be able to sit inside an air conditioned mini bus.


mini bus rental in NYC


What walking tours should you go to? There are a lot of companies that offer walking tours in New York. But if you are visiting NYC on a budget, you can check out the following free walking tours:


The Big Apple Greeter Tours - The Big Apple Greeters give visitors to NYC free and private tours of New York City. You would, however, need to request a tour here: http://www.bigapplegreeter.org/02-how_spend/visitrequest.html


Remember that there is a no tipping policy so you cannot give a tip to your guide, but you can make a donation to the organization itself.


The Grand Central Neighborhood Tour - Justin Ferate and Peter Laskowich take people on a tour of the Grand Central and its surrounding neighborhood every Friday at 12:30 pm.


High Line Tours - This hour long tour will start at the High Line at West 14th St. It will take you on the open portions of the High Line as tour guides tell you about the history of the park, the design and the art.


Just because these walking tours are free does not mean that they are less fun and informative. On the contrary, these are very well regarded tours that you would just love.


If you are visiting New York City with your family, consider getting a sprinter van rental in NYC. This will be a great choice if you have a big family. This way, you would not be crowded inside your car when you go around New York.


A sprinter van rental in NYC would also be a great relief after you have spent an hour or so walking around New York City. Rest your tired feet and enjoy the cold blast of the air conditioning inside our sprinter van!


So what walking tours can you go on? Here are some free ones to choose from!


Free Tours by Foot - If you have a particular neighborhood that you would like to get to know on your visit, then contact Free Tours by Foot. They can take you on a two hour tour of any neighborhood you want. These tours are free, but if you want a food tour, you will have to pay for your own food. They also have a six-hour walking tour where you cover as much of New York City as possible.


Times Square Expose - This free walking tour takes about 90 minutes and allows you to get to know Times Square like never before. You can view the area's theaters, new attractions and other sites.


Greenwich Village Walking Tour - Learn about the history of Greenwich Village, as well as famous residents and visitors to the area on this 90-minute tour that you can join every Saturday within the months of June through September. Sponsored by the Village Alliance BID.


The Central Park Conservancy Guided Tours - The Central Park Conservancy can take you to the different places in Central Park. Along the way you are treated to stories and history of the park, its design and other interesting things you might miss if you visit Central Park on your own. There are several tours, lasting from around 30 minutes to 2 hours. There are tours that are okay for people with disabilities, for children and more difficult tours for those who want it.


Lower East Side Historic Tours - Starting from Katz's Delicatessen, you will be exploring the Lower East Side for three hours. As always, you will be treated to more information and history involving the area.


Custom Coach and Limo would like to recommend all these walking tours for you and your group to go on. Just remember to wear sunscreen, be in comfortable shoes and enjoy the tour as well as the weather.


Most of all, be sure to get a charter bus rental in NYC for your group. You would just love the air conditioned charter bus we will provide you.



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