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bus rental nycCustom Coach and Limo has often been asked by customers if there are rules of etiquette that they need to follow or observe.


The short answer is yes. It’s not written in stone, but it’s kind of expected from all customers and passengers.


As you know, Custom Coach and Limo welcomes everybody on board all of our buses. But we expect everyone to observe these things on any bus rental in NYC. These “unwritten” rules include:


1. Be safe.

Safety should be everybody's first priority. It is not only the bus driver's responsibility to keep everyone safe, but it is everyone’s. Also, each person should be accountable to herself or himself.


2. Treat it as your own.

A business specializing in bus rental in NYC is admittedly very difficult to put up. And bus companies in New York spend a lot of money and time to keep their buses in good running condition, clean and well-maintained for the benefit of customers. So please do not vandalize the buses or deface it in any manner.


3. Observe basic laws and regulations.

More than anything, all basic laws apply to everybody on board. This said, drug use, underage drinking and rowdy behavior on board a bus rental in NYC are not allowed. There are party bus packages that are available and this is where drinking is allowed. However, you should always behave with common sense and respect for others.


4. Keep to the agreement.

Smoking in a bus rental in NYC is largely not allowed, but you can make special arrangements for it. If you do opt for a non-smoking bus, though, you should keep your end of the agreement and refrain from smoking. The same goes for other things aside from smoking. Everything depends on whatever has been agreed between the customers and the company, and also among the passengers, prior to any trip.


5. Tips are welcome.

There is no specific requirement that you should tip the driver, but after a day of fun on the bus, you might want to consider a gratuity. This tip should be handed directly to the driver in an envelope.


Custom Coach and Limo works hard to ensure that you have a great time on board our bus rentals in NYC. Following etiquette is not for our sake, but for yours. Behave properly and you would have more fun!



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