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If you have motion sickness, it's normal to dread road trips, whether it is a short drive to the supermarket on a small car or a long one across New York on a bus charter. Being car sick and experiencing dizziness, nausea and general discomfort can make traveling miserable instead of fun and memorable.


So let's say you are set to travel with a big group on an NYC bus charter and are fearing the possible doom that car sickness could bring you. Well, let us tell you that despite suffering car sickness or motion sickness, there are several ways to alleviate it and actually enjoy travel.


The first thing you really need to do is to understand why some people get car sick in the first place. What causes the condition anyway? A person gets car sick when his body senses a conflict between what he sees and what he feels. He can see his NYC bus charter's interior, for instance, and this tells his brain that he is sitting still. However, the vestibular system of the body, which can sense balance through the inner ear, also tells his brain that he is moving. This discrepancy or disorientation triggers production of a neurotransmitter, which for some people can be mistaken as a sign of hallucinogenic poisoning by the body, so it tries to cope.


When you experience car sickness while onboard a New York bus charter and the last thing you want to do is call attention to yourself or be a nauseating wreck in front of your co-passengers, try these tips:


1. Close your eyes.

Closing your eyes or getting a nap takes away the cause of car or motion sickness. This is because you don't get to see anything, so, as we have explained, there'd be no discrepancy between what you see and what you feel. Your brain won't have any reason to be confused or disoriented.


2. Sit in front.

You can ask your group to reserve a seat for you at the front of your NYC bus charter. Sitting up front allows you to focus on the road and gives you much window space to look through. These actually alleviate or prevent nausea because you can see more of the movement and the passing scenery. In turn, your eyes and your balance system get to confirm motion and avoid the confusion in your brain.


Car sickness can be alleviated. So if you are set to travel onboard a charter bus in New York, you won't have any more reason to dread the trip and instead look forward to enjoying it with your family or friends.


3. Open your window.

Smelling fresh and cool air from outside instead of the static air in an air-conditioned New York bus charter may help you feel better. There are some people who find certain smells (like a strong perfume worn by a co-passenger or the bus' air freshener) offensive and they'd feel more nauseous. So opening your window even slightly allows fresh air to come in.


4. Take short, periodic breaks.

If it's a long trip, you can arrange for your NYC bus charter to stop every hour at certain points so you can go outside and stretch your arms and legs. You can deeply breathe in fresh air. Breathing deeply from the stomach helps you relax and eases car sickness.


5. Use medication.

If you suffer from severe motion sickness, it is best to take medication before your NYC bus charter's departure. There are over-the-counter drugs, and some even come in patches, which prevent nausea by dulling the motion sensors of your inner ear.


6. Acupressure.

A very natural way of alleviating car sickness is to practice acupressure. Knowing the appropriate acupressure point is very helpful, especially in cases where you forgot to take medication, if it's not possible to open any window, and if you are seated at the back portion of your bus.


Gently apply pressure on your wrist area, between the two tendons an inch or so below your wrist joint (or bottom part of your palm). There are also acupressure wrist bands that you can get from your local pharmacy.



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