How to Get Married in New York City with a Mini Bus Rental in New York City

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Weddings can be a lot of fun, but more importantly, it celebrates love and it is the start of your married life. And this is the reason why you would want it to be perfect right? So get a mini bus rental in New York City and make sure that everything goes well on your big day as far as guests are concerned.


A mini bus rental in New York City can help you transport your guests from one place to another. From the church to the reception venue, and even bring them home safe! Call Custom Coach & Limo at +1 (866) 952 8737 to arrange for a mini bus rental in New York City for your wedding day!


Mini Bus Rental in New York City


Now how do you go about getting married in the Big Apple? Here are some tips:


Get the legal stuff out of the way.


Before you pay for or book anything, make sure that you have your marriage license. You only have to pay $35 for your marriage license and wait 24 hours to get it. You can pay with your credit card or a check drawn out to the City Clerk. It is valid for 60 days from the date of issue and you can use the license everywhere in New York State. Bring an ID and if you have been married before, be sure to be able to provide the following about your previous marriage: your spouse's real name, and details about your divorce. After getting your license, get an officiant and start with the planning!


Addresses for the marriage bureaus in different boroughs are:


  • Manhattan: 141 Worth Street between Centre and Baxter Streets, +1 (212) 669-2400
  • Bronx : 851 Grand Concourse near 161st Street, Room B131, +1 (718) 590-5307,
  • Brooklyn: 210 Joralemon Street near Court Street, Municipal Building, Room 205, +1 (718) 802-3585
  • Queens: 120-55 Queens Boulevard near 82nd Avenue, Ground Floor Room X001, +1 (718) 286-2829
  • Staten Island: 10 Richmond Terrace, Borough Hall Building, Room 301, +1 (718) 816-2290


Custom Coach & Limo wants to share the most important moment in every loving couple's life: their wedding day. And this is the reason why we are suggesting that you hire a mini bus rental in New York City from us for your wedding.


There are other things that we want to share with you as far as planning your wedding is concerned. We have already advised you to first get your marriage license. Once that is done, you can get married in the next 60 days. So what else should prospective brides and grooms do to make their NYC wedding a lot less stressful?


Plan well ahead of time.


Planning a wedding can be a hassle for everybody anywhere in the country. But that is especially true in New York City. Your dream venue is a place that everyone else will be considering, so if you want to get your venue you might need to book it weeks or months in advance. There are also a lot of things to take care of, so if you want every detail of your wedding to be perfect, then you need to give it more time.


There is really no need for you to do everything in a short span of time. You have 60 days from the issuance of your marriage license to get married anywhere in the state. But you can start researching for wedding photographer, venues, wedding ideas, wedding gowns, and other stuff way before getting your marriage license.


Time your wedding right.


New York City is the top destination for both domestic and international travelers in the United States. That means that during peak travel seasons, there will always be a problem with crowds. That means extra hassles for you even if your venue is not a public one. Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays are sure to have many tourists and even residents will be out on the streets for one reason or another. That means the traffic is heavier and it will be much more difficult to control the crowds.


This is especially if you have a venue that is open to the public. Central Park, for instance, is a lovely place to have a wedding. But you might have problems with people wandering in during the ceremony or adding the tourists to your guest lists. If you want a park setting for your wedding, find quieter parks, such as the Upper West Side's Riverside Park.


Or you can always look for a much quieter time for your wedding. April to June is a great time to have a wedding in NYC because the tourists are not that voluminous. Another great time of the year is September to November, where the fall foliage makes your wedding photos look even more surreal.


No matter when your wedding is, you can rely on Custom Coach & Limo to provide you with the mini bus rental in New York City you need to make sure that you and your guests have more fun on your wedding day!



The most important consideration for your wedding is the venue. The good news is that there are a lot of establishments and businesses in New York City that will be happy to host you on your wedding day..


There are several venues in New York City that are just perfect for your wedding. And take note that there is a venue for every theme that you can think of. Decide on the venue according to who you are. There are venues for baseball fans, arts and culture freaks, nature lovers and others!


Check out the River Cafe in DUMBO, if you want the Manhattan skyline and delicious food to figure prominently in your wedding. For other great venues with a good view, you can check out the Mandarin Oriental New York in Upper West Side, or the Ink48 in Midtown West.


If you do not mind the crowds, you might want to get married at Central Park. A wedding with an unlimited supply of uninvited wedding guests, you could still have a romantic and intimate wedding at different venues in the park, including the Loeb Boathouse, the Pond and the Conservatory Garden.


We cannot stress how important it is to have a mini bus rental in New York City for your guests to ride in. And we have been telling you that throughout this series. We are currently talking about the venues that you should consider for your wedding. We have already talked about places that give you a wonderful view of the Manhattan skyline, as well as Central Park.


Another popular option are skyscrapers, where you could say "I do" at amazing heights. You can go to the Top of the Rock where you could book the Weather Room for your wedding and get a stunning view of the Big Apple. There's the 620 Loft and Garden where you can have a green space to exchange vows in. Of course, there is the Empire State Building's observatory, if you are just going to propose.


We have suggested venues that will take you up into the air as well as get you near water, now how about green spaces in the city where you can start to see your love grow? The Brooklyn Botanic Garden brings you and your guests closed to nature and provides a lavish and colorful backdrop for your wedding. Foliage, flowers and fun would highlight your ceremony. There are several gardens on premises that you can choose from: the Cherry Esplanade, Magnolia Plaza, the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, the Cranford Rose Garden, and the Osborne Garden. Or you can book Wave Hill in the Bronx.


Other couples would want to have a view of the Hudson River or any body of water. If you are one of these couples, then be sure to consider the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, especially if you want a sunset wedding. You can also choose between the Water Club or Giando on the Water for more waterfront venues.


Then there is the wedding for baseball fans: the Citi Field in Queens. This is where the Mets play their home games and where you would be saying "I do!" at the home plate. You could also get married at the Yankees Stadium. You can also get married on water by contacting Manhattan by Sail or Elite Private Yachts.


As we have mentioned, there is a venue for everyone in the Big Apple. Housing Works Bookstore Cafe would gladly host a wedding of bookworms, while other bookish lovers would want to get married at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building of the New York Public Library. Meanwhile geeks and nerds have tied the knot at the American Museum of Natural History's close to four dozen exhibit halls.


Music lovers would want to book the Appel Room at the Frederick P. Rose Hall of the Jazz at Lincoln Square, while artistic brides and grooms can get married at Soho's Skylight Modern.


Weddings in New York City do not stop when you say I do or when the guests go home. One to best reasons to get married in the Big Apple is the fact that you can also do a lot of other activities together with your wedding planning. You can spend your honeymoon in the city as well.


Segueing into the honeymoon.


For most couples, they do not only go to New York City for the wedding itself, but they also stay for the honeymoon. If you are planning to stay in the Big Apple for your honeymoon, then do check out the many hotels who have a package for both the wedding and the honeymoon phase. For example, the New York Palace is a great venue for your wedding, with its elegant backdrops and service. They also offer a honeymoon package, which allows you to enjoy spa treatments, chocolate dipped strawberries and just about everything in between. You can also check out the packages of the Conrad Hotel.


That means that you can readily start your honeymoon as soon as the ceremony ends or when people have left the reception venue for home. And sometimes, getting a package means that you end up paying less. So research for these packages very well!


Meanwhile, call us at +1 (866) 952 8737 to reserve a mini bus rental in New York City for your wedding day.

Sightseeing with your new spouse.


A honeymoon in the Big Apple shouldn't be spent entirely in bed, although nobody would hold it against you if you do decide to do just that! But if you are going sightseeing but hates reading maps or getting lost, you can download several apps that would allow you to discover places near you. Check out Citymapper that allows you to key in your current location and shows you what's nearby. Or if you have a particular destination in mind, it shows you the best and easiest way to get there.


But if you are going to sightsee with your guests, you can rely on Custom Coach & Limo to give you the best way to ferry around a group of people. If you have a large group going with you, then you can get a mini bus rental in New York City from us. If you have a smaller group of up to 10 people, you can opt for a sprinter van rental in NYC.


We have already given you several tips on how to get married in New York City from choosing a venue to getting a marriage license and to some things about your honeymoon in the city. Here are some bonus tips:


1. If you are just going to New York City to get married, we do advise that you visit the city first. For one, you would need to appear personally to get your marriage license, so you might want to plan your visit accordingly. You will want to check out the venues before finally deciding which ones to pick. And then there is the case of the suppliers. You will want to meet them personally. Check out your wedding photographer, take a look at their portfolio and talk to previous clients. Try to visit attractions and places in the city where you could have your prenup pictures taken. Check out the hotels, beds and breakfast and boutique accommodations for your guests.


2. If you want an extra stress free wedding, try to find venues that offer packages. For instance, hotels often have wedding packages that provides the wedding venue and a honeymoon suite and even discounts on room rates for your entire entourage and guests. If you have already decided on a venue, ask the coordinator if they could recommend wedding service professionals for you. They will have worked with different wedding photographers, wedding cake providers and other suppliers.


3. If you have the budget, hire a wedding coordinator. A wedding coordinator can help out of town brides have their perfect NYC wedding.


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