How to Have a Wonderful Time in Essex County via Sprinter Van Rental in New York City

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Essex County is a historic and scenic area in Upstate New York and found entirely within the Adirondack Park. Needless to say, it offers some good quality small-town living. So if you need a respite from your busy, stressful life in the city, Essex would be a wonderful vacation destination. You can take the entire family or the entire gang with you. You can get a sprinter van rental in New York City to drive you to Essex County and to drive you around to see its various attractions.


The good thing about having a sprinter van rental in New York City is that you would no longer need to drive separate cars. It can accommodate up to 10 people, so if there are that many of you, you can just be in one vehicle and go places together.


Sprinter Van Rental in New York City


Now these are some of the things you should do to have a wonderful time in Essex:


Go Sightseeing in Minerva


This is not specific attraction, but the town of Minerva NY is known as a nature-lover's paradise, so you may want to just drive around and enjoy the relaxing, breath-taking views. More than half of Minerva's land has been labelled as state land and most of it is covered with trees.


What's more, Minerva is located by the Hudson River and Minerva Lake, and the Boreas River runs right through it, too. You can make a stop at any of the campsites around Minerva Lake and take a hike, or simply soak up the beauty of the land and the water.


Go Fishing, Canoeing, Kayaking or Hiking in Elizabethtown


Elizabethtown is located at the foot of Hurricane Mountain and has the Boquet River streaming through it. As such, Elizabethtown is a great place to visit if you want to experience the traditional charm of the Adirondacks.


In the spring and fall, tourists can go canoeing and kayaking along the Boquet River. During peak time, when the river offers excellent conditions, you can go fishing and catch speckled, brown and rainbow trout.


At the south of Elizabethtown, you can also see Split Rock Falls, which is an area of the Boquet River that has a series of deep pools and splendid waterfalls.


Visit the Adirondack History Centre Museum


If you want to take in a bit of the Adirondack region's history, then head over to the Adirondack History Centre Museum on Route 9N and Hand Avenue, in Elizabethtown, NY. This combined museum and history center is located in a former schoolhouse. Not only will you get to learn more about the region's past and see exhibits of artifacts like horse-drawn vehicles of the olden days, mining equipment, household items and military memorabilia, but you can also go hiking on nature trails, go up the Adirondack mountain fire tower, as well as tour the gardens and the sugar house.


Call (518) 873-6466 or visit for more information about the museum.


Check out the Essex County Fair


If you are visiting the county around mid-August, then your visit might just coincide with the Essex County Fair. The fair, which takes place in Westport, is five days of musical performances, singing contest, livestock and animal exhibitions, horse shows, carnival rides, and many more.


Check out its Web site at for more information about the fair.


Take the Kids to Santa's Workshop!


If you are traveling with kids, now is a great time to take them to North Pole and see Santa's village! Yes, you heard that right! North Pole is at 324 Whiteface Memorial Highway, in Wilmington, NY.


The theme park has everything you pictured Santa's village to have! You can check out Santa's house, Santa's candy factory, Santa's toy making department, Santa's blacksmith, the reindeer barn, Santa's bakeshop, Santa's hat maker, carnival rides, a snow place and many, many more!


This is especially more wonderful and exciting if you are visiting during the winter.


Call (518) 946-2211 or visit for more information.


Visit the Elizabethtown Farmers Market


If you want fresh and organic vegetables and fruits, berries in season, freshly baked breads and other baked goods, various jams and jellies, maple syrup, fresh flowers, bedding plants, and handmade items and wares such as pots, then check out the farmers market at Elizabethtown. Elizabethtown Farmers' Market is open on Fridays at 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., from May until October.


The market is located behind the Adirondack Center Museum at Route 9N and Hand Avenue, in Elizabethtown, NY.


Ski at Whiteface Mountain


If you happen to be visiting Essex during the winter, then make sure to spend a day at Whiteface Mountain, where the best of skiing and the best winter events take place.


Whiteface is the 5th highest peak in New York State and is considered to have the greatest vertical drop east of the Rockies. It offers 86 trails and there are a total of over 22 miles for you to explore in the midst of the Adirondacks. Whiteface is located right down the road from Lake Placid and in the town of Wilmington. It hosted two Olympic Winter Games, the first in 1932 and the second in 1980.


Check out its Web site at to learn more about Whiteface.


Get Some Taste of History at the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum


Learn more about the industrial heritage of the area at the Ticonderoga Heritage Museum. The museum, which is located on the edge of Bicentennial Park in downtown Ticonderoga, is also known as the “1888” structure and is the last remaining building of the Ticonderoga Pulp and Paper Company. The company once covered the entire Bicentennial Park area.


At the museum, you can catch a rotating display of some of the 38 scale models of a variety of industries that contributed to the growth of the town. If you have kids with you, the Museum also offers a morning children's summer program twice a week to entertain and introduce them to the area's industrial heritage.


Log on to the museum's Web site at for more information.


Do you want to go on a trip with your family to the Adirondacks? Why not head over to Essex County via a sprinter van rental in New York City? It is just the perfect destination if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Here are a couple more ideas:


Visit Ausable Chasm


If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor sightseeing experience, head over to Ausable Chasm, which is a two-mile long sandstone gorge and tourist attraction located near Keeseville, NY. The Ausable River runs through it and then empties into Lake Champlain. The gorge is fed by Rainbow Falls at its southern extreme.


You can walk through the nature trails in the midst of the primeval Adirondack Forest and stroll past Rainbow Falls, Column Rock, Elephant's Head, Hyde's Cave and Mystic Gorge. You can walk on natural stone walkways, too, and see eons of geologic history that's been etched in stone.


You can avail of a classic tour around Ausable Chasm, which tour includes a scenic raft ride along the legendary waters of the Ausable River and through a maze of magnificent rock formations that have been sculpted over thousands of years by the currents.


Visit its Web site for more information:


See the Adirondack Scenic Railroad


Go on a train adventure through the Adirondacks and travel past magnificent rivers, through remote and breathtaking forests, over charming bridges, and along serene streams and ponds into the six-million-acre Adirondack Park. Through this train tour, you can see the beauty and magic of nature unfold right in front of your very eyes!


There are three different kinds of train adventures departing from three different stations: Utica's Union Station, Thendara Station and from Utica. During the winter, these train tours take on a Christmas theme, too! There's the Polar Express, the Santa Train, and the Adirondack Christmas Train.


Check out what the train adventure will be during other times of the year when you decide to visit. Log on to


Have a more memorable vacation by making sure your transportation needs are taken care of. Book a sprinter van rental in New York City ahead of time!


A sprinter van rental in New York City can accommodate up to 10 people. So it is just the perfect way to drive around the county if there are that many of you, or less.



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