How to Plan the Perfect Family Reunion with a Bus Rental in New York City

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Custom Coach & Limo wants you to become closer to family. And this is the reason why we want you to charter a bus rental in New York City and go on a family reunion!


A bus rental in New York City is the best way for you to move your entire family from one place to another. Everyone will be comfortable and it will be more convenient for you to visit different places.


Bus Rental in New York City


Did you know that summer is the best time for a family reunion? More than 6 out of every 10 family reunions happen in the summer. This is because a lot of families opt for a fun reunion outdoors, whether it is having a picnic in a park or watching a game, or perhaps having their own sports fest with the entire family. It is also a good time for traveling. School is out and there are simply a lot of activities for you to do.


Fall is when 12.6% of family reunions happen, followed by winter (11.2%) and spring (10.4%). Family reunions during the fall usually coincide with Thanksgiving Day or Labor Day.


Of course, family reunions can happen alongside another life milestone such as a wedding, graduation, birth or even funerals. The thing is, there is no single perfect time to hold a family reunion! And you can have a reunion as often as you like!


Considering that close to 6 out of every 10 family reunions involve around 50 to 149 attendees, it is always a good idea to hire a bus rental in New York City to help transport the entire family from one location to another.


Custom Coach & Limo is encouraging our readers to hold more family reunions so that they could keep in touch with their family members and make wonderful memories together. We are also recommending that you get a bus rental in New York City to help transport your family from one location to another.


A bus rental in New York City can help you transport the entire family or any group of up to 60 people. You get to travel in style and in utmost comfort and luxury.


So how do you plan the perfect family reunion?


1. Plan in advance.


According to statistics, four out of every ten family reunions are planned well ahead of time, around 13 months to 18 months before the day. There is no set rule in how long you should plan in advance, but do give yourself the time to effectively plan. The larger the family reunion is, the more time you should allot for planning.


You also have to consider that some members of your family might need several months in order to request time off from work. While others may need to save up in order to cover expenses for the reunion.


2. Planning: Who should do it?


Anybody can help plan a family reunion. In fact, it has been found that 40% of family reunions in the United States are planned by a single family member. While this is certainly possible, it might get more and more difficult if you have a big family. One good advice is to delegate the work.


Close to half (47%) of family reunions are planned by a family planning committee. You can actually divide the work so that one member or family would be in charge of the venue, another for the entertainment, and yet another for the food and drinks and so on. It is also a good idea to involve the whole family from the very start, even while you are still planning.


3. Save when you book hotel rooms as a group.


You simply must avail of group rates when you go on a family reunion that would require you to book hotel rooms. This is especially good if you have more than 50 people coming to your family reunion. Just how much can you save? It depends! With a four star hotel, you can save anywhere from 23% to 63%. Booking rooms at a three star hotel could help you save anywhere from 25% to 78%.


So rather than having your family members book rooms by themselves, try to book rooms for everyone! This will also help you do more activities. Because you are all staying at the same venue, there is no way that somebody would come late for the activities. And if you plan to have events at the same hotel, all everyone has to do is to go down from their room and into the conference room or event hall. You can also get a discount for the use of the hotel's facilities when you book rooms there as well!


4. What activities should you plan for?


The short answer is WHATEVER YOU WANT. Every family wants to do different things. You might want to have activities for the kids, or have the men have some fun with a sports game. You might want to give out awards to your family members, or tour several attractions nearby. Keep an eye out for recreational activities that you can do with everyone.


The activities are limitless!


5. Book your venues early.


Location plays a very important in the success of your family reunion. For some, it is a matter of what's nearby to most members. For others, the place holds a special meaning to the family. Then there are those that are limited by the weather. For instance, planning to have an outdoor party for your family reunion held during the winter is a disaster waiting to happen.


Once you have your activities planned out, you should be able to know which venues are needed. You should be able to book your preferred venues way in advance before somebody else reserves your dates.


According to statistics from Group Travel, most reunions are held at:


  • Parks (32%)
  • Banquet halls or restaurants (22%)
  • Resorts and other scenic locations (18%)
  • Major cities such as Boston, New York, Washington DC, or Los Angeles (14%)


You might also want to consider a venue that could accommodate the different activities that you have planned.


6. Know your family members' strengths and talents.


You may be able to cut costs if you ask family members to chip in more than money but their talents as well. Do you have anyone who could cater a gathering? Instead of invitations, maybe somebody could maintain a Facebook page?


7. The services that you should consider.


What services are generally used in planning a family reunion? Catering! What's a family reunion without food to be shared? If you are planning to have the reunion at someone's home, you and your team might be able to pull off having to cook for everyone. But if you want to enjoy the reunion, you might as well hire a caterer.


Another professional that you should consider is a professional photography. While smartphones now take awesome pictures, having a professional photographer take pictures of everyone will help you have a remembrance for life. What's more, some photographers offer a package that not only includes the photos, but also a professionally done video that you could later share on YouTube or Facebook.


Some families often mix reunions with vacations, and if this is the case for you, then be sure to check out organizations that offer tours at your destination. And to make things easy, hire a bus rental in New York City to help you and your family move around! Other services that you might need to consider are florists and professional meeting planners


8. Keep things within budget.


While there is always a temptation to have a grand family reunion, you would be better off keeping costs down. There are members who are just starting out in life and may not have alternative incomes to rely on. Then you have members who may be a little better off. Make sure that you decide on things while also keeping in mind that income levels differ.


Encourage family members to donate to help you pay for expenses. Or raise funds to help those with lower incomes attend the reunion. In the end, it is not how lavish your reunion was. The focus was whether people attended and had fun.


9. Prepare something for everyone.


Family reunions can be a bit tricky to plan because you would need to ensure that there are activities for people of different ages, abilities, interests, and sensibilities. Make sure that you have something planned for each group! If you have men who like sports, plan for them to watch a game live or consider holding a sports fest on your reunion day. Be sure to have fun and games for the kids. You should also plan for events and activities that would allow family members to sit and talk or have fun together.


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