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Custom Coach and Limo is your trusted source when you need a charter bus in New York City. But that is not all that we are; we are also your trusted source of information for anything related to the Big Apple.


If you want to see the best NYC in one a weekend, we are here to tell you that it is possible. Sounds like we might be pulling your leg? Not really!


How do you do this?


1. Plan. Plan. Plan.

There are just too many attractions in NYC to be able to see them all. Some people live in New York for a number of years but have not been to all places in town that are worth visiting. This is the reason why you would need to plan your trip and know what you and your group would be most interested in. There are a lot of themes that you could choose from. For example, you can limit your tour to museums and plan out an itinerary that involves the best museums in the city.


2. Get a charter bus in New York City.

This is really important especially for groups of travelers who are pressed for time. You do not want to waste much of your time trying to get taxis or public buses that would accommodate your whole group. What's more, you do not have to drive separate cars then stand around at the venues you want to visit waiting for everyone else to arrive.


A charter bus in New York City can also help make everybody more comfortable. Custom Coach and Limo has a fleet of really clean buses that are also well maintained and spacious. We make sure that our customers remember us positively in providing the best transport solutions for their vacations. We also provide you with the best drivers who are highly experienced in operating our buses.


With all these benefits, it just does not make sense not to get a charter bus in New York City when traveling with a group.


It might sound too good to be true, but Custom Coach and Limo wagers that you can see the best of New York City given a short period of time. In fact, we can help you see it in one weekend. You can get more things and places into your itinerary if you have a charter bus in New York City.


What else should you do to have a perfect weekend in NY?


1. Arrange your itinerary.

Once you have pinpointed the places you want to visit, make sure that you group together places that are near each other. This will help you see more places by ensuring that you maximize your travel time. Do not go across the city to get to one and then back to where you started to see the next venue. It lessens your travel time while allowing your group to enjoy the places in the same area at the same time.


2. Accommodations.

There are a lot of hotels, homestays, motels and other accommodation in and around New York City. You have a world of choices when it comes to places to stay and venues to park your weary selves at night. If you are traveling with a group, it is best to book in advance. You could also get a discount from some places, especially if it is off peak season.


3. Whenever possible, get your tickets in advance.

Another way to maximize your short time in the Big Apple is to get advanced tickets whenever it is possible. It is great that most venues now sell tickets online. This helps you save time from having to line up at the ticket counter, especially at a very in-demand museum or show.


Remember these things so that you would have a grand time in NYC even if only for a short while. Remember also that Custom Coach and Limo can give you a charter bus in New York City whenever you need it!



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