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bus companies new yorkThe first step to chartering bus rentals in NYC is to get a list of bus companies in New York, contacting them and asking for a quote for their rates for the services you are looking for.


If you are traveling within the Big Apple, the bus companies in New York you are contacting would give you local quotes. Most of the time, however, people are confused by the language used in a local quote.


So how do you "read" local quotes from bus companies in New York? Here is an easy guide.


1. Gratuity. This is a standard practice among bus drivers and helps ensure good service on the bus. It is customary to give a 10% tip for the driver.


2. Hours of Use. In New York, the rates usually depend on the hours of use. This will give you an idea whether the bus company you are dealing with is trying to overcharge you or not. Just compare their quote rate for hours of use with the state's average!


3. Sales Tax. Bus companies in New York usually levy a 1% sales tax for bus charters.


Comparing Local Quotes

Make sure that you are very clear with what you need when you ask for local quotes from charter services. You might be looking at local quotes and choosing a lower rate but you might run into some problems because the bus or the service is not what you need. So make sure that you are being quoted for the same services, bus size and other amenities that you are looking for!


These are the three things that you should look at to help you understand local quotes from bus companies in New York. If you are planning a long-distance trip that would take you and your group outside of New York state, take a look at how to read a long-distance quote.


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