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bus companies new yorkCustom Coach and Limo have shared with you how to read local quotes that are given out by bus companies in New York. These quotes are good for when you travel within New York.


However, you may need to understand long distance quotes from bus companies in New York if you and your group are planning to travel outside of the state.


These quotes might be a little more complicated than a local quote.


Here are the things that you should look at when going over long-distance quotes from bus companies in New York.


1. Mileage. Long distance travel charges are usually computed based on mileage or the miles traveled. The average rate is $3 per mile but this is subject to increase because of higher inflation and gas prices.


2. Daily rate. Expect to pay daily rates instead of mileage if you have a low per mile charge. The daily rate is simply the minimum charge that you would have to pay.


3. Local travel. Upon getting to the destination, you will get free miles that are covered by the local travel charge.


4. Operator hotel. This is the charge you have to pay to accommodate the driver's board and lodging for overnight trips or tours of longer duration. You can save on this if you ask the hotel where you are going to say to see if you can get the driver's room for free. This is especially true if you have booked a lot of rooms with them.


5. Driver change. As required by law, all drivers should get 10 hours of rest for every 15 hours of standby or 10 hours of driving. As such, you would need to pay fro driver changes. Expect to pay around $200 or more, as this charge depends on your departure points and where the change of drivers is made.


6. Fuel surcharge. This changes on a daily basis and is added to your charges to cover for the changes and fluctuations in fuel charges.


On top of all these you would need to pay for all other expenses, as well. Parking and toll fees are primary examples. But some bus companies in New York may put all these in the quotes they send you. If this is the case, then it is the company who shoulders these expenses.



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