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Brooklyn has been described as eclectic, with a lot of diverse backgrounds coming together. But for kids growing up in New York, it could simply be home sweet home. And for others, it's a great place to visit. There are just a lot of venues that you could go to on board a charter bus in Brooklyn.


Why not organize your children's classmates and friends and take a tour in and around the area? While the kids can play games and have fun under adult supervision on a charter bus in Brooklyn, that does not seem to be enough. So why not check out these places which are pretty accessible!


Brooklyn Children's Museum

145 Brooklyn Avenue
(718) 735-4400


Reopened in 2008 after an $80-million refurbishment, this is the oldest museum designed specifically for children.


The museum has a lot of interesting and educational exhibits and activities. Be sure to check out their calendar of events for something that your kids would enjoy!


You can also celebrate your child's birthday inside the museum, complete with a guided tour, cake, food and beverages!


Brooklyn Botanic Garden

1000 Washington Avenue


There are some good 52 acres inside the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The park has several "literary gardens" including those gardens with plants mentioned in Shakespearean plays. The Garden also houses the Steinhardt Conservatory that can grow plants from three varied climate zones.)


There are classes for children and adults, too, and there is also a children's garden that would surely wow your young kids!


Until 2011, there had been a free service from the Heart of Brooklyn movement that provided a charter bus in Brooklyn, but this has been discontinued except for the Target First Saturdays shuttle. Even so, you are never assured that you and your kids would get ample seats on a free bus. Avoid wasting time waiting when you can get a charter bus in Brooklyn to transport just everyone!



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