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Mini bus rental pricing


Mini bus rentals and mini bus charters


A mini bus rental goes by different names: shuttle bus, small bus rental, mini coach, or mini bus. Mini bus rentals are just perfect for smaller groups of up to 28 passengers.


Mini bus charters are ideal for shuttling groups between airports, hotels, and other places. It could also be used for weddings, company outings or sporting events. So if you need to shuttle a small group of people over short distances, then a mini bus rental is the best for you.


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Features on a mini bus rental:


  • Can accommodate anywhere between 22 to 28 passengers.
  • Comfortable high-back seats that can also recline.
  • Has PA system, as well as other audiovisual equipment such as AM/FM radio, CD, TV and DVD player.
  • Comes with a professional and courteous driver who knows the city in and out.


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Average pricing on mini bus charters:


How much would you pay for a mini bus rental? Here is the average pricing list for a mini bus charter:


  • One way trip: $394.00 - $547.00
  • 4 hours: $437.00 - $606.00
  • 8 hours: $691.00 - $959.00
  • 12 hours: $958.00 - $1,330.00


This means that your per-person cost could be as low as $14.05! These prices differ depending on the metro area you plan to go to, as well as the date and time of your trip. For accurate pricing, request a quote from us!


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Mid-sized coach bus rentals


Mid-sized coaches have the same amenities as a full-sized coach bus but with less seating capacity. If a mini bus is perfect for small groups and short-distance travel, a mid-sized bus rental is great for a bigger group traveling over longer distances. You can use a mid-sized coach bus for regional trips and for overnight travel.


Sports teams traveling to another city is the most common customers for mid-sized coaches.


Mid-sized coach bus features:


  • Accommodates anywhere from 29 to 37 passengers.
  • Comfortable high-back reclining seats.
  • With outstanding audiovisual system, including a PA system, TV, DVD player, AM/FM stereo.
  • With spacious luggage storage capacity.
  • Fully climate controlled.
  • Handicap accessible.
  • Restroom.


You also would not have to drive! When you pay for a mid-sized coach bus rental, you get the services of a professionally trained driver who will do all the driving for you!


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Average pricing on mid-sized bus charters:


  • One way trip: $428.00 - $525.00
  • 4 hours: $494.00 - $728.00
  • 8 hours: $786.00 - $936.00
  • 12 hours: $1038.00 - $1291.00


This translates to a per-person cost that is as low as $11.56! Get instant pricing for your trip by requesting a quote from us!


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  • Average pricing are rounded off to the next whole dollar value. All estimates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Per-person costs are estimated from the lowest price and most number of passengers accommodated for that particular category


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