Mini Bus NYC

Custom Coach and Limo will provide you with the best mini bus rentals in the New York City and New Jersey area!


Renting a mini bus in NYC can assure you have a hassle free trip, so you can enjoy the city without worrying about traffic and parking. Still hesitant on whether you should rent a mini bus for a day/evening in NYC or NJ?




Here are a few questions that can help you decide if renting a mini bus for New York City/New Jersey area is for you!


Why should you rent a mini bus in New York?


New York City is known for high volume traffic and aggressive drivers, along with parking nightmares. Renting a mini bus for a day/ night in the city would assure you peace of mind.


How convenient are mini bus rentals in New Jersey?


When going to an event with a group of people, nobody wants to be the “designated driver”. Renting a mini bus can help you unwind and truly enjoy your trip.


What amenities can you expect from a Custom Coach and Limo mini bus?


All Custom Coach and Limo buses offer tv/dvd players and most of our buses offer restroom and wi-fi as well!


Why is it more fun to get a mini bus rental in New York City?


No one wants to be in the city worrying about feeding the parking meters every hour and ridiculous traffic, Custom Coach and Limo can help you enjoy the city with peace of mind. Our professional drivers can shuttle you around the NYC area hassle free.


The Convenience of Mini Bus Rental in New York


Renting a mini bus can help you avoid the hassle of driving when enjoying the day with a group of friends and family in New York City. Don’t worry about catching a cab, our mini bus will be there to shuttle you through the city!




Comfort with Mini Bus Rentals - NJ and NYC

No matter what the weather is outside, get absolute comfort and convenience with our mini bus in the NYC and NJ area. All buses are air conditioned and heated for maximum comfort.




We have all the modern amenities on board. Listen to the radio or your favorite CDs. We also have a DVD player for you to watch the latest movies. Take a look at the features our mini buses offer


  • Heat & AC System
  • Climate Controlled for your Comfort
  • Full PA System
  • TV/Video monitors with VCR: Optional (DVD)
  • AM/FM with CD/Cassette Player
  • Reading Lights Over Each Seat
  • Reclining Seats with Arm Rests
  • Optional: (Restroom)
  • Large Exterior Luggage Area




Classy and Sleek Mini Bus in New York - Travel in Style


No need to travel in a boring bus, Custom Coach and Limo buses are elegant and clean. Feel classy in NYC/NJ while shuttling in our buses.




Coming Home From a Late Night Party? Possible with mini bus rentals in NJ or NYC!


Partying in NYC can be exciting, however worrying about how to get home, not so exciting. Our buses can shuttle you to and from the party/event, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about how to get home safely. Enjoy the famous clubs and bars NYC is known for, and let our drivers take care of the driving.






So Go Ahead and Rent a Bus with Custom Coach and Limo


The next time you are in town, give us a call to reserve your mini bus for a day/evening in NJ or NYC! We guarantee to make the whole process very effortless!


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