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A charter bus in Brooklyn is the best way to transport little children when they visit different places in the area. Brooklyn is home to a lot of wonderful kid-friendly venues and we have already discussed some of them in the article titled Kids Under 10: Fun on a Charter Bus in Brooklyn.


Here are some more places in Brooklyn that you could easily and conveniently visit via a charter bus in Brooklyn:


Prospect Park Zoo

450 Flatbush Ave. Prospect Park,
(718) 399-7339


There are only a few zoos on earth that treat their animals like part of the family. Welcome to one such zoo. The Prospect Park Zoo has given out birthday parties for its baby baboon, and it even proudly announced its wallaby babies.


Children can walk around the zoo and meet various animals such as river otters Oggie and Dixie, kangaroos, wallabies, owls and others! They can also observe animals like they were in the wild.


The zoo has a Barn and Garden section, where they can get to know sheep, goats and other similar animals. If they enter the Animal Lifestyles building, they would meet tamarin monkeys Tira and Misu or baboons Jabari and Azizi. Lastly, they can go to the Amazing Animals section where they can see how animals live in the wild.


Brooklyn Flea Market


Here is one that you do not normally see on a Chart Bus Brooklyn Guide: The Brooklyn Flea. If you are up to it and you have enough guardians for your kids, you could take them to the flea market and have them look around for themselves.


There are a lot of vendors selling various stuff at the flea market, and kids will have fun digging through the merchandise, including vintage toys and clothes. Some retailers also offer fun activities and classes. What's more, the market is a good place to get good food!


Brooklyn Museum

200 Eastern Pkwy Prospect Heights,
(718) 638-5000


The Brooklyn Museum is one of the best museums in New York, but it is much less crowded than its counterparts in Manahattan. The museum is home to many pieces, including an extensive Egyptian collection, masterpieces from the best masters of the world, and a lot of others!


After touring the museum, retire to a charter bus in Brooklyn and rest on the way home. After all that walking you are bound to do in the museum, you would appreciate it that you are not on some curb waiting for a bus ride home with 10 to 40 screaming kids.



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