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Let's say you have a charter bus in New York full of relatives or friends from other cities or other states.  How do you plan a sightseeing trip and make sure they have seen all the worthwhile spots in town?


Apart from going to a New York bus company and hiring a charter bus that will take care of transporting your group of tourists, you will need an itinerary.  Your list of must-see and must-visit NYC spots should include the places that every person on earth has already heard about where New York is concerned.  In other words, take your group to NYC's most famous landmarks.


For starters, ask your New York bus charter driver to take you the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Museum of Modern Art.


But other than these places, you can also take your group of tourists to:


The Empire State Building. The ESB at 350 Fifth Avenue features a stately deco architectural style and is New York's tallest structure.  Take them to the 86th-floor observation deck and let them see how breathtaking the view is from there.  Take note, though, that tickets are rather steep, but it's very worth it. The ticket to the more intimate 102nd-floor observation deck is more expensive, but if it isn't a problem, then your guests should definitely enjoy it.


Central Park. Central Park is considered by many as a beautiful oasis of green amidst a jungle of concrete and steel.  The park offers tourists and locals a lot of things to see and do.  It has an ice skating rink, a zoo, a carousel, a Chess and Checkers house for a game of chess or checkers, and areas where you can fly a kite, ride on a pedal boat, jog, and just sit and relax.  There are also horse-drawn carriages to drive you around.


Hiring a charter bus in New Yorkand taking a bunch of relatives and friends from other states and other cities to see the best of NYC can be very fun and exciting. New York may be about skyscrapers and tall corporate structures, but it offers a lot of hidden gems where you can take your little group of tourists.


West Village. When we think of NYC, we think of those quaint brownstones we see in the movies. So make sure to take your guests to West Village, which is a neighborhood of brownstone buildings that are clustered along cobblestone streets lined with trees. This neighborhood has reportedly remained the way it was since the 19th century. Always remember, though, that for tourists, the neighborhood has a quite puzzling geography, with its many intersections.


Chinatown. We all know that New York is a melting pot of different cultures and different races. And so experience one of these in Chinatown. A trip to Chinatown would be a really enriching and exciting one as you get to try out Chinese cuisine and shop at the little stores lined up on the streets.


Film Forum. If your group loves films, then go to the Mecca for NYC's movie buffs: Film Forum. You can get to watch movies that you can only read about in the New York Times. You can choose from films ranging from indie features, to documentaries, to foreign films collected from the top film festivals around the world.


Rockefeller Center. This place is a good place to visit if you're an art deco fan. It features a lot of public art deco works by different artists. You'd also find a lot of spots here that you've seen in a few Hollywood movies.



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