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There are no hard set rules on how you should behave during a trip onboard an NYC bus charter. But there is a proper etiquette that we ought to practice to make the trip pleasant and event-free for everyone. Yes, there is such thing as charter bus etiquette rules just as there are rules of etiquette to follow when you are in public.


The first thing to keep in mind is that the New York bus charter is not yours and that you are traveling with a bunch of other people, so it is important that you behave your best and give everyone the courtesy they deserve. In return, people will also give you the same courtesy and will help make the trip pleasant for you, too.


Here are a few rules you need to follow when traveling in a charter bus around New York:


1. No blaring music.

Very loud music is a common complaint among charter bus passengers. Always remember that your taste in music is not the same as everybody else's, so never play your music player too loud for everyone to hear. So if you are one who cannot live without your music, then make sure to bring an earphone with you.


2. Keep your voice down.

Chatting with your seatmate is good, but do not shout or talk too loud as if you are addressing all passengers. Unless, of course, if you are facilitating a group game or a bus activity.


3. No annoying movements, please.

You know how it is when you're in an NYC bus charter, or any public vehicle for that matter, and your backrest suddenly moves rhythmically because the person sitting behind you is tapping his or foot on your back? If you hate that, then always be aware of your own movements within your own space, too. Remember that every little bang or kick or thud can be felt by the people sitting nearest you.


There are unspoken or unwritten rules on how one should behave on an NYC bus charter. Giving other passengers the courtesy helps in making the trip pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. Minding your actions when there are other people will send out the message that you also want your co-passengers to be sensitive and mindful of their own actions, too.


4. Stay within your own space.

A lot of people are very sensitive about their seating space, so make sure you don't invade the space that others occupy. A seat in a normal New York bus charter is not as spacious as a first-class plane seat, so always be considerate. For instance, leave that long and bulky guitar at home or put it in the luggage compartment instead of carrying it with you. No seatmate would want to be constantly hit with the guitar neck.


5. Go on toilet breaks without bothering others.

If you are the kind of person who tends to go on toilet breaks quite frequently, then you should get an aisle seat. NYC bus charters have toilets at the back, so make sure you are seated somewhere near that area. That means you will have to sacrifice that window seat, lest you'd be disturbing your seatmate each time you have to squeeze your way out to the washroom.


6. No smelly and messy food.

Avoid eating food with a strong smell, as other passengers might find it offensive. You might also have a co-passenger that suffers from motion sickness, and bringing in smelly food might just make him or her nauseous and trigger vomiting. There are also food that leave lots of crumbs on the floor and on the seats, and worse, food particles that fly to your seatmate's face.


The main thing to keep in mind is that when going for a long trip onboard a charter bus in NY, you would be stuck with other people for some time. So always be considerate about others and do not do things that you think would also annoy and irritate you if you were in their place. It is only when everyone behaves properly and courteously can you all have an enjoyable and stress-free trip on the road.



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