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Driving in the big apple can be a nightmare. Crowded with people, a variety of sight-seeing, and the stress of finding a parking spot are only a few reasons to rent a bus in the city. Custom Coach and Limo can help with all the hassles and worries of driving in the city and make sure everyone has a great time in the city.


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Here are some instances when a New York bus charter literally saved the day:


It was my first time to organize an out-of-town trip for the residents at the retirement home that I work with, and I had everything planned out. Then it dawned on me that I had no way of transporting 42 people, including the staff! Good thing that the director suggested that I look into bus rental companies and get a bus for everyone. Everybody had a great time, even while still on the bus. They really loved the trip!

Trish N., Bridgeport, CT


Having been part of a coin collectors group, my wife and I were excited when they arranged a museum tour for the whole group in New York. To be in the greatest city in the world was very exciting, but we were honestly afraid of getting mugged. You know how stories like that goes. Good thing the group decided on a New York bus charter service and we got to tour the museums we had on the itinerary with no problems at all. Plus we were able to get some sightseeing as well. If you are ever travelling with a group in the city, don't go without a charter bus!

Wilmer C., St. Cloud, Minnesota


I've always thought that bus tours were for old people. You would be surprised at what you can do on a bus rental. Not only do you get to the places you want to go to on time and without hassles but the trip itself is also very fun!

Riza D., Delaware City, Delaware


Shuttling 30 kids is no laughing matter, that is why a charter bus is a great help. On a field trip, you have to be responsible for your students' safety and comfort, so call Custom Coach now! You will be sure every child gets to the venue in one piece!

Elaine D., Brooklyn, NY


mini bus rental new york city


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Custom Coach and Limo can help you have a relaxed and amusing time in New York City! You do not have to worry about how everyone in your group will get to the venue nor do you waste time trying to get a taxi in the busy city. With Custom Coach and Limo, you can simply focus on having fun!


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