Play Pokemon Go with a sprinter van rental in New York City

Pokemon Go is currently the most popular mobile game in the world. A month ago, there are 21 million users who use the app daily, and the numbers are expected to be higher now as the game becomes available to more and more countries.

It is not surprising to find people with their eyes glued to their smartphones trying to catch the ever elusive Pikachu, Drowzee, Doduo, and a range of other Pokemons.


It is a fun game. For some Generation Xers, it also brings a lot of memories and a sense of nostalgia. But it is also very unsafe to be catching them, especially when you are driving. There has been reports of several accidents, robbery, hit and run incidents, and even trespassing. This report from CBS News should give you a good idea of how dangerous mindlessly playing this game can be.


So how about making it a fun day for you and your friends. Get on a sprinter van rental in New York City and have a fun and safe day hunting Pokemons!


You can go to several sites in and around the Big Apple where you can safely play Pokemon Go. Plus you will be playing and hunting with your friends and family, making it more fun and safer. And if you happen to be waiting for a red light to turn green and you spot a Pokemon, you can safely catch it because we are doing the driving for you! Say no to distracted driving!


So plan on your great Pokemon Go activity and do invite your friends and family members to come along. And don’t forget to hire a sprinter van rental in New York City to accommodate your entire group!


Also, we have come up with a great infographic that might help you decide where to go:




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