Rent a Sprinter Van in New York City and Take Your Kids to Broome County

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Broome County is located southeast of Finger Lakes. There are just a lot of things to do and activities that your kids will enjoy. So charter a sprinter van in New York City and head there with the entire family.


A sprinter van in New York City can easily accommodate up to 12 passengers, so you could also organize a trip with other parents to take more kids with you for a fun day in Broome County.


Now where to go?


Here are some suggestions:


Finch Hollow Nature Center
1394 Oakdale Road
Johnson City
(607) 729-4231
Web site


More than just a natural history museum where you and your kids can spend the afternoon looking at various mounted wildlife, this park has around one mile of nature trails.


These trails go through ponds, fields and the woods.


The museum has a lot of programs for the public, and getting in is free. For groups of 10 or more people, call ahead to schedule a guided tour.


Binghamtom Zoo at Ross Park
185 Park Ave., Binghamton
(607) 724-5461
Web site


The Binghamtom Zoo at Ross Park is the 5th oldest zoo in the country having opened in 1875. It features an ever growing number of animals, which now includes reindeer, tamarins, tigers, wolves, binturong, leopards and penguins, among others.


General admission is at $7 for adults and $5 for kids aged 3 to 11 years old.


You can get a group rate if you have 10 or more people in your group at $4.50 per person.


The zoo also has picnic facilities, which are perfect for big groups. If you want, you can host your next birthday party or hold your next company picnic here.


Be sure to take your kids to the butterfly garden where they can hold the butterflies in their hands.


Broome County is found southeast of Finger Lakes. And kids will surely enjoy it here because there are so many things they can do. So charter a sprinter van in New York City and head there with the entire family.


The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier


The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier is just next door to the Ross Park Zoo. It is an interactive museum where kids could learn a lot from their exhibits.


Kids can pretend to be a TV news reporter, a firefighter, or a food server. They can ride an ambulance to the hospital, or learn more about their teeth. They can also enter Story Garden, which has 13 areas that focus on themes from children's storybooks!


The Discovery Center of the Southern Tier
60 Morgan Rd,
607 773 8661
Web site




Did you know that there are oly 170 antique carousels in North America? Well, the good news is that six of these are in Broome County and you will be able to ride them for free. Well, not exactly for free, as you would need to present one piece of litter to ride.


The six carousels are located in:


C. Fred Johnson Park, Johnson City
98 C.F.J. Boulevard, Johnson City
607 797 3031


George W. Johnson Park, Endicott
201 Oak Hill Avenue, Endicott
607 757 0856


West Endicott Park, Endicott
525 Maple Street at Page Avenue, Endicott
607 786 2970


Recreation Park, Binghamton
58 - 78 Beethoven Street, Binghamton,
607 772 7017


Ross Park, Binghamton
60 Morgan Road, Binghamton
607 772 7017


Highland Park, Endwell
801 Hooper Road, Endwell
607 786 2970


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