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School bus rentals and charters


If you are looking for a more affordable way to shuttle a group of people, then you should consider getting a school bus rental.


A school bus charter is an economical way to travel. It may not have the premium features of a mini bus or coach bus, but it will help you save money. School buses are ideal for mid-sized groups traveling over a short distance. Traveling to local destinations when the weather is fine? A school bus rental is the best way to go.


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School bus charters usually do not have climate control, nor do they have an onboard toilet. They also do not offer a big luggage capacity. These conditions mean that you should consider the trip length and weather conditions when you book a school bus.


Nevertheless, if you are traveling a short distance and the weather is fine, having the windows open could mean an exhilarating experience for your group.


School bus charter features


  • Can shuttle up to 65 kids or 44 adults
  • Equipped with a PA system and a radio
  • Has a fully functioning heating system
  • Some are equipped with air conditioning
  • Comes with a professional driver to do the driving for you and your group!


School bus rental pricing


School bus charters are charged differently depending on your location and day of booking. On the average, you can expect to pay:


  • $325.00 – $650.00: 4 to 6 hours
  • $700.00 – $1200.00 : Maximum of 12 hours


This means you could be paying as low as $7.39 per adult or $5.00 per child! Be sure to ask for a free quote for a more accurate pricing.


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If luxury is not a priority, or if you find that the budget is quite tight, then get a school bus charter for those short trips.




  • Average pricing are rounded off to the next whole dollar value. All estimates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Per-person costs are estimated from the lowest price and most number of passengers accommodated for that particular category



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