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Sprinter van rentals


A sprinter van rental is the best way to travel if you have a small group. You could go on a night out with your friends, go on a city tour with your book club, or go on a long-distance trip with the entire family on a sprinter van rental. With a huge luggage space, you can even bring your own sports equipment and enough clothes for a week's outing. You will surely enjoy how spacious it is with plenty of room to move around.


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Features of a sprinter van rental


There are different sprinter vans up for rent and these have different features and amenities. In general, sprinter vans:


  • Accommodate 10 to 16 passengers.
  • Have a large luggage storage space.
  • Have high back, leather seats, and some seats also recline.
  • Have top-of-the-line audio and video equipment, including TV, DVD player, and game consoles.
  • Have top-notch detailing and safety features.
  • Come with a professional and courteous driver to take care of the driving for you.


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Average pricing for sprinter van rentals


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Sprinter van rentals are charged differently, depending on when your trip will be, the kind of sprinter van you require, and other factors. Here are the average prices:


  • One way: $232.22 - $322.53
  • 4 hours: $389.53 - $541.01
  • 8 hours: $518.04 - $719.50
  • 12 hours: $742.92 - $1,031.84


This means that you can expect to pay as low as $14.51 per passenger when you get a sprinter van rental. Get the most accurate pricing for your trip by requesting a free quote from us.


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  • Average pricing are rounded off to the next whole dollar value. All estimates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Per-person costs are estimated from the lowest price and most number of passengers accommodated for that particular category


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