Taking Your Dog with You on a Sprinter Van Rental in New York City: What Should You Do?

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Dog lovers often take their pets with them on trips, even long ones. You can bring your pets on a sprinter van rental in New York City, but do remember that they may need extra care.


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A sprinter van rental in New York City would be perfect if you want to bring your pets on a road trip. Just remember to:


1. Visit the vet first.


Be sure to visit the vet for a checkup first to make sure that your dog is up for the road trip, especially long ones.


Also, ask for sedatives that you could give your dog if he gets anxious on the sprinter van rental in New York City.


You may also need to bring your dog's vaccination records just in case the hotel wants to see them.


2. Be safe.


It might be cute to have your dog's head out of the window enjoying having its tongue flapped around by the wind, but this is not safe.


Instead, keep the windows rolled up leaving only an inch or two for your dog.


During the summer, be sure that your dog is sufficiently cooled.


Also, you might need to schedule frequent stops to make sure that your dog can go to the bathroom and walk around.


3. Buy all the necessary equipment


You would need to buy a dog seat belt, so that your dog would not be tossing and turning while you are driving.


You should also bring the dog's bed or blanket so that it could rest or sit on it for the duration of your trip.


Remember that in some states, it is illegal for you to have your dog loose inside the vehicle.


Custom Coach and Limo wishes you to have a fun time with your group and your furry best friend. Just remember, do not leave your dog inside a sprinter van rental in New York City for any length of time. This is very dangerous as your dog can suffer from heat stroke inside a closed van.



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