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bus rental in nycTeenagers have different needs and preferences than when they were younger. So when it comes to their birthday parties, looking for the right venue can be doubly challenging. Surely, you can no longer load them and their friends into a bus rental in NYC and head out to yet another kiddie venue they would no longer enjoy, and they are also still too young to go to places where adults hang out.


Most young teeners love going out and trying out new, cool and interesting places to hang out with friends. So if you are in New York City, consider yourself fortunate. NYC has a lot of venues ideal for teenagers to celebrate yet another milestone in life. You no longer have to rack your brains out looking for party locations that are not too childish, yet not too grown-up as well.


Here are a few ideas on how and where you can celebrate your teenager's birthday. Book a bus rental in NYC and take your teener and his or her friends to an unforgettable and one-of-a-kind party.


Acoustic Night. If you have a budding musician or a music lover, then treat her/him to her/his first (and low-key) night out with friends at The Living Room at 154 Ludlow Street. This place has a cafe-like vibe where your teener can enjoy acoustic performances by small local bands or artists and even by some well-known musicians throughout the evening.


Experience Broadway. Attending a Broadway performance is always memorable, especially if your teener is one who loves the stage, theater or the arts in general. Depending on your teen's interests, you can watch a musical, a comedy, a drama, or any other genre. But since Broadway tickets are quite pricey, you may just limit the guest list to family and closest friends.


We like giving our kids fun, enjoyable and even one-of-a-kind parties to celebrate their birthday. But what if we're talking about teenage children? We know we can't pick kiddie locations, nor can we take the party to adult venues. We just can't get a bus rental in NYC and take everyone to an amusement park, nor can we head over to a nightclub.


The great thing about New York, though, is that there are options that are ideal for teeners and that cater to their interests. You can book certain venues that are not childish, but also not too adult-oriented. You can take your birthday kid and his or her teenage friends to any venue via bus rental in NYC and give them a great experience.


Go Sci-Fi. For teens who are avid sci-fi fans, Mars 2112 at the Times Square district in 51st Street and Broadway is a great place. This restaurant has a futuristic/space theme, and your teenagers can hang out and bond over a mix of Indian, American, and Asian cuisine.


Laugh Your Hearts Out. Let your teens experience their first taste of live stand-up comedy at the Comedy Cellar at 117 MacDougal St. Reserve a table for your group and get ready for professional comedians to have you in stitches. The show ends at 1:30 a.m., so make sure to have your bus rental in NYC on standby for hassle-free transportation.


Moving Tour. If you are not from NYC, take your teener and his or her friends on a bus tour around the Big Apple. Book a party bus rental in NYC and experience the city and its wonderful backdrop of skyscrapers and landmarks, as well as all the lights and colors that brighten it at nights. You can either have refreshments on board or you can stop by and have dinner at a good restaurant to end the tour.



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