The Best Places to Have a Field Trip on a Minibus Rental in New York City

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Ever wonder why New York has no Disneyland? Simple. Because New York already has all the amusement parks you need. All you need is a minibus rental in New York City to visit most, if not all, amusement parks in the Big Apple.


Minibus Rental in New York City


We at Custom Coach & Limo are giving you a list of the best amusement parks in New York, which you can enjoy by hopping on a minibus rental in New York City.


Adventurer's Family Amusement Park


Adventurer's Family Amusement Park may only have about 25 rides but it serves its purpose in the heart of Brooklyn. Locals and visitors love the homeliness of this park. It is a great place to have a field trip, or at least a place to have a break from an educational trip.


Fantasy Forest Amusement Park


Fantasy Forest Amusement Park is a popular school trip destination in the Big Apple. The park is easily accessible especially with a minibus rental in New York City. Parents love it because the rides are clean and well maintained.


Luna Park


This park in Coney Island provides the best state-of-the-art rides coupled with educational programs. The park is well placed as Coney Island is the site of the first amusement park in the world. This is why New York does not need a Disneyland. Luna Park has been updated to reflect the needs and wants of this generation. But it continues to house historical rides like the 86-year-old Cyclone Roller Coaster.


Victorian Gardens Amusement Park


Victorian Gardens is another popular staple for students on a field trip, especially those on a tight budget. It is popular for its unlimited rides package.


Of course, there are so many places to visit in New York especially on a field trip. Most field trips are educational but It is always better to have some fun in between. In order to schedule a lot of stops in less time, hire a minibus rental in New York City. It can accommodate up to 24 people.


It must be great to stretch those legs on a skating rink in between stops from a field trip. Custom Coach & Limo lists down the best rinks in the city. Take that minibus rental in New York City to these skating rinks.


Rockefeller Center


The Lower Plaza of the Rockefeller Center is home to the most popular skating rink not just in New York City but probably in the entire United States. A lot of movies have been filmed here, which only adds to its popularity.


Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex


Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex is probably the most popular of the skating rinks for school children on field trips. When you call ahead, the center can customize activities for the field-tripping kids.


City Ice Pavilion


City Ice Pavilion can offer half-hour group lessons with their professional skating coaches. This center can also be booked for a more comfortable skating experience. And for a more comfortable trip, take a minibus rental in New York City.




It is not just the skating rinks that are popular in class trips, students also love rollerblading and RollerJAM USA is the perfect place to have a group session.


It is great to teach children about the great outdoors but with maximum supervision. This is why Custom Coach & Limo has made a list of the best adventure destinations in New York. Do not forget to book a minibus rental in New York City to give field-tripping kids a comfortable experience.


The Cliffs at LIC


Head on to The Cliffs at LIC on a minibus rental in New York City for a great adventure. Book in advance to enjoy group discounts and to hire professional rock-climbers to teach the children the appropriate and safest way to climb. The area has over 30,000 square feet of climbing terrain and about 125 rope stations.


Urban Park Rangers


Urban Park Rangers has an adventure course that is both fun and a team-building experience for the group. The rope courses promote problem-solving skills but there are specific sets that propel cooperation among the field-trippers making it a team-building activity.


Randall's Island Golf and Recreation Center


This 25-acre center has over 78 hitting stalls for golf, which is its main staple. Surely, a group will be accommodated in this center. But the recreation center is not solely for golf. It also has a batting cage for baseball and softball enthusiasts. It also has facilities for volleyball, dodge ball, badminton and bocce ball, among others.


Jamaica Bay Riding Academy


Kids will really love Jamaica Bay Riding Academy with its spacious area of 500 acres fronting the beach. Children can enjoy horse-back riding that is appropriate for their ages. A minimum of 15 students are needed to book the area. The adventure costs at least $20, depending on the age of the child and the package.


Custom Coach & Limo lists down the best museum experience in New York with a minibus rental in New York City.


Metropolitan Museum of Art


The Met is the most popular museum in the world. A trip to the Metropolitan Museum is a prolific historical and educational experience. Among the most popular areas are the “Symbols and Secrets” and “Egyptian Art.”


Museum of Modern Art


The MoMA is another popular museum destination in New York City with a great collection of art from modern artists. From paintings to sculptures and photographs, the MoMA has a wide collection of arts for all kinds of enthusiasts.


Alice Austen House Museum


The house of this famous Staten Island photographer has been preserved into a museum. Children who have the inclination for photography will enjoy the museum, which gives a glimpse of Austen's house, one of the earliest female photographers in an aesthetic world dominated by men.


American Folk Art Museum


Traditional folk art has been forgotten in this generation. It is always great to educate this generation about what the past generation did in order to create great art through the American Folk Art Museum.


American Museum of Natural History


This museum features five floors of exhibiting the most prolific exhibit of artifacts of the world's history.


Bronx Museum of the Arts


The Bronx Museum of the Arts is home to over 10,000 artworks from a widely diverse set of artists. A lot of the artworks are of African, Asian and Latin American influence, pretty much the same as the cultural diversity of the entire New York City. Make sure to head to the place on a minibus rental in New York City.


Brooklyn Museum


The Brooklyn Museum only has over 2,000 artworks, but it already serves its purpose of enhancing the knowledge of the people in the area and those who are on an educational trip. Most of the art exhibited in this museum is related to architecture and medieval Europe.


Center for Architecture


Those who are architecturally inclined would love the art in the Center for Architecture. Aside from looking at miniature architecture of massive structural gems, this center provides an interactive tour. There are also demonstrations and walking tours.


Drawing Center


Located on 35 Wooster St., the Drawing Center is a great field-trip destination for students because the tour includes art-viewing and art-making, making it a very memorable stop especially for the younger generation.


Hopping from one museum to another is a great intellectual journey. It can only be done with the best and most comfortable minibus rental in New York City from Custom Coach & Limo. Book now by calling (866) 952-8737 or get an online quote from


Frick Collection


Head on to 1 East and 70th St. on a minibus rental in New York City to see the Frick Collection. This is a unique museum experience because the Frick Collection shows the history of art-collecting during the mid-twentieth centuries. The center also offers forums, which field-tripping students can participate in.


Lasker Skating Rink


The Lasker Skating Rink is experienced in accepting groups on a field trip. It is a very crowded place but mostly because It is in Central Park and it has a perfect view of New York City.


Museum of Arts and Designs


They call going to the Museum of Arts and Design as a MAD Tour, not just because the acronym fits but also because design and creativity can make one mad, both literally and figuratively. The great thing about the MAD Tour is learning about the techniques and the processes in making art and designing.


Museum of Chinese in America


The Chinese is known to have the highest population scattered all over the world. There are a lot of them in America, too, and a lot call New York City home. So learn the history of how the Chinese settled in America and learn about American culture influenced by the Chinese. Many of these can be gleaned in the Museum of Chinese in America.


Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art


Better known as MoCADA, the artworks in this museum shows the artifacts from the African Diaspora. This is an important cultural learning for students because Africa has been a great influence in America and greatly shaped what the country is today. So take that minibus rental in New York City to Brooklyn to enhance the students' knowledge on African diaspora.


Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


When you call the museum in advance and book a student tour, the Guggenheim can customize a trip that would best conform to your lessons. Among the exhibits in this museum caters to Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art as well as the Modern and Contemporary art.


The Cloisters


The name The Cloisters already evoke Medieval Europe, which is represented in the many artworks in this museum. The structure itself is already museum-worthy. It looks like a palace, which fits the theme of Medieval Europe.


The Morgan Library and Museum


Just like The Cloisters, the art in the Morgan features influences and artifacts from Medieval Europe, which fascinates a lot of Americans.


The Noguchi Museum


Named after Isamu Noguchi, one of the most famous sculptors and landscape architects during the 20th Century, this museum features the best modern sculptures. Call the museum in advance before the tour to know what the theme is for the period, which is common in the Noguchi Museum.


With these many museums to choose from, it is best to just visit most, if not all, of them on board a minibus Rental in New York City. Call Custom Coach & Limo at (866) 9528737 to hire one.

Trump Rink


Another popular Central Park rink is the Trump Rink, which has group rates to accommodate classes on a field trip. Students can play a game of hockey or they can have skating tutorials in this rink.


Whitney Museum of American Art


Take the kids to an engaging museum trip at the Whitney Museum of American Art where the artists and curators enjoy discussing innovation in art through guided tours. The tours have different themes that field-tripping students will surely enjoy.


Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology


This institute is not just a school. It has since opened a museum because fashion does not just belong on the runway. A lot of fashionable items deserve a place in a museum. Wannabe fashion designers will love dropping by this museum to see the many unforgettable designs and costumes as well as accessories on display.


Museum of the Moving Image


The history of the movies is exhibited in this museum that showcases how films were made and are made.


Urban Glass


This is another museum that will guarantee enjoyment for the kids. This museum features the art of making a glass and making things out of glass. There are also glass-blowing demonstrations that kids will surely enjoy.


These museums are guaranteed to be memorable just as it is guaranteed that hiring a minibus rental from New York City will make for a more relaxed field trip. To book a minibus, call Custom Coach & Limo now at (866) 952-8737.


Skyscraper Museum


There was a time when New York was home to the tallest buildings in the world, which were the twin towers when these were newly opened. So having a Skyscraper Museum seems like a very natural progression for this city.


Toy Museum


Head on to Brooklyn on board a minibus rental in New York City and experience the most fun museum visit ever. The Toy Museum provides a “theatrical” educational visit through the 50-minute show about toys. The children will love it and the adults will find joy in it.


Museum of American Finance


Students who are fiscally inclined might actually enjoy a trip to the Museum of American Finance. But even if they find money boring, It is important that students learn about financial matters because this is an important matter affecting one's daily existence. It is guaranteed, the children will have a lot of questions during the scheduled forums.


Make your field trip comfortable with a minibus rental in New York City. Hire one now by calling Custom Coach & Limo at (866) 952-8737.



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