The Places You Need to Visit with a Bus Rental in New Brunswick (Part 2)

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A bus rental in New Brunswick makes it easier and more fun for you to tour and explore the city.


Bus Rental in New Brunswick


Custom Coach & Limo has been recommending places that you should visit on a bus rental in New Brunswick. We have already talked about arts and culture attractions and historic sites.


And for sure, you would get ravenously hungry from all this touring. The good news is that New Brunswick has a wonderful array of dining places that you could enjoy.




If you are staying away from meat but do not want to feel deprived, then go to Veganized. Order gluten-free bread, or the mushroom appetizer. Or you can try out the carrot cake, sweet potato bun, and other treats here. Whoever said that vegan food has to be bland and tasteless needs to eat here to change their opinions.


Destination Dogs serves the best hot dogs and sandwiches in the city. With hot dogs named like Kansas City Beefs, Andouille Armstrong, and the Paul Bunyan, it is difficult not to fall in love with the place. What's more, you will also love the low prices for food that is often described as huge. Or you can go to Diesel and Duke for more hot dogs and perhaps a hamburger. With tasty food, friendly service and very reasonable prices, you can never go wrong here.


Or you could drop by Jersey Subs. Once you have tasted their chicken salad sandwich, as well as the whole array of subs that they offer, you will never enjoy Subway again! You can also check out the sandwiches at Hansel ‘n Griddle.


If you are looking for some place to unwind with your friends, then head out to Clydz during happy hour and get great drinks at half the price.


Now, let us focus on the world of flavors that you could find in New Brunswick.


Check out the gelato, tea, and coffee at Caffebene. Meanwhile, those who are craving for tikka masala, roti, or chapati roll, or who love anything with curry would do well visiting the Indian restaurants in the city, such as Chapati House, Tasty Grill, or Kati Roll & Platters.


Or you might want to check out the Korean food at KBG Korean BBQ & Grill, Inboston, My Way Korean Restaurant, or at BopBop & Roll. New Brunswick also has three notable Middle Eastern restaurants: Sahara Restaurant, Mamoun’s Falafel Restaurant, and Evelyn’s Restaurant.


Can't get pasta, pizza and other Italian staples out of your mind? Then visit Due Mari, which serves the best Italian food and seafood. Catherine Lombardi also serves Italian food, and their garlic bread is a must try! Panico's, Paulie's Pizza & Pasta, and 360 Grill & Lounge Ristorante are also worth a shot. Or if you want the best-tasting pizzas in town, then go to PJ's Grill & Pizza, Stuff Yer Face, or Tata’s Pizza.


Cap the night with a great round of conversation and coffee at Hidden Grounds Coffee Shop. Or perhaps check out the Greek dishes at Efes Restaurant, where you should try their coconut pudding and baklava. And if you are looking to express, go to Steakhouse 85 where you could enjoy the Date Night prix fixe for less than $100 per couple. And of course, go to El Oaxaqueno Mexican Restaurant for the best salsas and other Mexican favorites. Or you could go to Cinco de Mayo, Shaka Burrito, Taqueria El Poblano Mexican Restaurant, Costa Chica Mexican Restaurant & Pizzeria, Fish World, or Papa Grande Grill.


There are several places in the city that allows you to get your favorite American fare but served with a twist. INC American Bar and Kitchen serves truffle fries, mac and cheese bites, and the trusty hamburger. You can also go to Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe, Brother Jimmy's BBQ, Easton Grill Express Bagel, and Glass Wood Tavern.


You can also try the soul food at Deltas Restaurant and Vernell's Soul Food Cuisine. Further, get traditional American food at Fritz’s Restaurant, Jimmy’s Grill & Specialties, World Of Beer, or at Olive Branch Bar & Restaurant. Further, get into the gastropub scene and check out The Dillinger Room and the Garden State Ale House.


Other restaurants you should try include Mamoun’s Falafel Restaurant, Thai Noodle, Old Man Rafferty’s, La Poncena Restaurant, The Frog & The Peach, I’s Cafe, Esquina Latina Restaurant & Lounge, Bagel Nosh & Deli, and AJA Asian Cuisine & Lounge.


Parks that you can go to with a bus rental in New Brunswick


New Brunswick has more than 270 acres of parks, athletic fields, gardens, lawns and other wide open spaces that you can enjoy.


You can head out to Alice Jennings Archibald Park. Located just off Van Dyke Avenue, the park has more than 10 acres of space that features sports facilities where you could play soccer, basketball, baseball, football, softball, handball, and tennis. You can also take the kids here and let them play at the playground or have a picnic at the pavilion. Then check out Boyd Park, which has 20 acres of space. The award-winning park was redeveloped in the 1990s as part of the efforts to revitalize the city's riverfront.


The park gives you a great view of the Raritan River and on a good day, you can also take in the beauty of the city's skyline. Boyd Park is the site of several yearly events and festivals, such as the Hispanic Festival, the 4th of July Celebration, and the Raritan River Festival. Other features of the park include a tow path, a historical swing bridge, and an extensive system of historical signage that helps visitors learn more about the Raritan River and its history.


Go to the Memorial Stadium, a park that has been named as 2001's Municipal Project of the Year by the New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers. The park is located next to the New Brunswick Middle School and is home to many sporting events. It has a soccer and football stadium that can seat 5,000 people, as well as practice fields. It also features a baseball field, tennis courts, and a softball field.


Enjoy the outdoors without having to go very far when you ride a bus rental in New Brunswick and visit the city’s beautiful parks.


Visit Buccleuch Park, located between Easton Avenue and the Raritan River. The park has 78 acres of space that includes the Buccleuch Mansion, which is a colonial estate that recently underwent a restoration and is open for tours. You can also enjoy the sports fields here where you can play basketball, baseball, tennis, softball, cricket, or soccer. The park also has a cross country and fitness trail that runs for 1.5 miles, a picnic pavilion, a playground, flower garden, rock garden, and gazebo. You should also come to the park to see the fall foliage or to enjoy the ice skating and sledding during the winter.


Or you can go to the Youth Sports Complex where you could play baseball, soccer and football. The complex is where the New Brunswick Little League is based. It is now currently being developed and would soon include a multi-use field, a junior soccer field, playground, a spray area, a garden area, fitness course, a picnic area and a basketball court.


You also have several parks such as the Archibald Park, where you have athletic fields, picnic areas, a playground, and tennis and basketball courts. Or the Alex Baker Park where you have, more or less, the same amenities. Other parks in the city that you can go to on a bus rental in New Brunswick are:


  • Simplex Park
  • Quentin Avenue Park
  • Joyce Kilmer Park
  • Kossuth Park
  • Pitman Park
  • Feaster Park
  • Recreation Park
  • Rutgers Village Mini Park
  • Murphy Park


Some of the other things you can do in New Brunswick are:


1. Tour the Joyce Kilmer House.


"I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree."


If you know the opening lines of that famous poem, then you might be delighted to know that the poet Joyce Kilmer lived in New Brunswick. And if you are in town on December 6, you can tour his home. The house is located on Joyce Kilmer Ave., and that date is his birthday. The city's historical association will be handling the free tour. Not only can you visit the house but you can also see the memorabilia and the writings of the poet. There are also some personal effects on display.


2. Cross the Albany Street Bridge.


Albany Street Bridge takes you across to Highland Park. The stone arch bridge was built in the 1880s. If you want to see the bridge in all its beauty, you can go to the banks of the Raritan River for the best vantage points.


3. Stroll down the Willow Grove Cemetery.


Located near the downtown area, the Willow Grove Cemetery is part of the Livingston Avenue Historic District. The cemetery is where the first Japanese exchange students who came to the city are buried, including Taro Kusakabe, who was a samurai and a student of Rutgers. You could also visit the grave of Police Officer William I. Van Arsdale, who died in the line of duty in the 1850s.


4. Visit the grave of Mary Ellis.


Mary Ellis died in the 1820s. Her grave, however, is a must-visit because you can find it in the parking lot of a former movie theater in the city. The grave was also part of the parking lot of several businesses, including Great Eastern Discount Department Store, which bought the estate from the Ellis family, the Route 1 Flea Market, and the AMC Theater.


You should also hear the story of Mary Ellis. Local oral tradition says that Ellis died a spinster because her one true love never returned after he promised her that he will marry her. Ellis was said to have visited the spot where her grave now stands, looking for the sea captain who reneged on his promise.


5. Shop.


New Brunswick has some great retailers to shop from, as both local businesses and national brands have opened shop in the city. Get the latest fashions at Syndicated Clothing, Scarlet Fever, B. Nathaniel Custom Clothiers, Stylish Chakra Fashion Outlet or Finale. Then find a book to spend an afternoon with at Barnes and Noble located at Rutgers University, or get into comic books at 3rd Earth Comics. Just stroll downtown and you would find everything you are looking for.


6. Check out Lawrence Brook.


Lawrence Brook's water empties into the Raritan River. The brook is an ideal place to view wildlife and migratory birds.


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