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If for anything, Hurricane Sandy was an eye opener for a lot of New Yorkers. This is especially true for owners and operators of charter bus companies in New York.


They say that we never really learn just how important things are until we are on the verge of losing them. Disaster preparedness should be a top priority for charter bus companies in New York. This much is true as NYC is affected by storms and hurricanes as big and as strong as Sandy.


What else should we learn from Sandy?


1. Insurance counts. Bus operators and other transportation providers are required by the United States Department of Transportation to have insurance before operating. When disaster strikes, this is when we appreciate insurance, which we normally view as nothing but an expense.


2. Parking and maintenance should be well planned. One of the most poignant photos that came out of the news during the storm is a parking lot of yellow cabs being flooded by the storm. We could just imagine the amount of damage the flooding did to these cars!


This could be avoided if parking for our fleet was well-planned out to ensure that floods do not get to them.


Also, if you do not have one already, you might want to have a team of maintenance personnel on staff. This way, you can easily repair flooded out buses, on top of the regular maintenance you do.


3. It pays to network. You might have some bookings that you cannot fulfill. This is where it might help to have affiliates in other states so that you can still fulfill your commitment. It would be unfair to your customer if you just tell them you do not have buses available and end it right there. It is understandable, but it would still be unfair. Having an affiliate out of state means that you will be able to direct your customers to a trusted bus company elsewhere.


These are just some things that charter bus companies in New York could do to ensure that the next time a hurricane decides to go through NYC, they would be safe and that any damage that comes to them is minimal.



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