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bus companies in new yorkLet's admit it, travelling with kids, especially babies and toddlers, can be a real pain. And if we are talking about long-distance trips on a charter bus in New York, or in any state for that matter, parents might as well expect all hell to break loose. Carsickness, vomit, toilet breaks, non-stop crying, restlessness – name it and you probably have dealt with it.


If you need to travel on a charter bus in NY and you have to take your little one with you, you can still look forward to having a pleasant and event-free experience. How? Here are some things you will need to remember:


1. Diapers are your best friends.

Your toddler may already be potty trained and you may have asked your New York bus company for a bus with a toilet or washroom, but you will have to play safe and get those diapers ready. Have your kid wear one even before leaving the house and keep a couple more inside your bag. The long drive may make the kid a little bit antsy or uneasy, and he or she may not be able to control his or her bladder well. Or the toilet may be occupied just at the same time the little one really needs to go.


2. Bring toys.

Toys can take your kid's mind off the very things that may make him or her uneasy while on the road. For very young children, prepare a bag full of things he or she would love to play with. If you decided to bring his or her favorite video game, do not forget that there are other passengers aboard your New York bus charter, too, so earphones are a must. Avoid bringing other toys that make a lot of noise.


3. Prepare kiddie music.

Prepare some kiddie songs on your iPod or mp3 player so your little tot can listen to it. And while your NYC bus charter may be equipped with a music player and speakers, always bear in mind that the other adult passengers may not appreciate kiddie music. So it's best to bring your headphone while you're at it.


We know how much of a hassle or how much of a headache it is to travel with little kids on a charter bus in New York, or in any other state. And this is especially true when it's a long-distance trip. Kids get restless or uneasy quite easily, and this can cause a bit of a trouble for you while you're on the road. This is why we're giving you tips on how you can still enjoy the ride even if you have the kids with you. We have talked about the importance of bringing diapers and toys and preparing children's music. Here are more suggestions:


4. Stock up on kiddie snacks.

Food is another great diversion for restless little tots. Pack up some things they can munch on and their favorite drinks, too. Most NYC bus charters allow food and beverages, but not those drinks in glass bottles. So if you are preparing beverages for the little one, choose ones in cans, in plastic containers, or in boxes.


5. Pack the hygiene stuff.

Kids attract mess, so always have your alcohol, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, tissue paper, soap, etc. Have these things handy for when they smear their faces with chocolate or when they accidentally spill their drink. Be sure to pack extra clothes, too.


6. Get extra comfort.

Your charter bus in New York may have headrests and footrests, but the kids may still not find them comfortable because of their height. So allow them to bring their favorite pillow and pack a blanket inside your bag. Blankets are very useful when the weather gets cold, or if you are travelling through the night.


7. Toss in the first aid kit.

Parents know how cuts, scrapes, and bruises mysteriously appear on children's body surface. But while some NYC bus charters may be equipped with their own first aid kit, better be sure and bring your own. Band-Aids or adhesive bandages, anti-allergies, hydrocortisone ointments, gauze pads, the works. If your kid (or you!) suffers from motion sickness, then have the appropriate medication handy. Also being medication for fever, for diarrhea or upset tummy, and for headache, not only for your kids but for the grown-ups, too.



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