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bus companies new yorkAre you preparing for a trip on a charter bus in NYC? Whether it is a day-long field trip within New York City or a much longer one across the state or outside its borders, you need to make sure you have everything you will need. Here's a checklist to give you an idea.


1. Snacks. Food should always be part of any survival kit. For trips on a charter bus in NYC, bring snacks that are easy and not messy to eat. You may find yourself hungry or thirsty while on the road, and you wouldn't want to wait for the next stop to eat, much more ask the bus driver to pull over at any random food shop.


2. Medication. Just in case you encounter a headache during the long trip, you need to have non-prescription medication ready. Toss in something for an upset stomach and for car sickness, too. You'll never know when you will be needing it, or anybody from your group for that matter.


3. Mini Hygiene Kit. Prepare a small pouch containing alcohol, a small bar of soap, wet wipes, and tissue paper. Who knows what your hands will encounter during your trip, and you may need to wash and disinfect. This will also be very helpful in case there would be some toilet emergencies.


4. Extra Clothes. If we are talking about trips that take the entire day, it would be wise to pack a spare shirt, or perhaps an underwear. This is a great idea especially if your itinerary includes a sports facility, or an amusement park, or anything that involve certain activities that might get you wet or sweaty. And if not, just be ready for emergencies like coffee or pasta sauce spilling over your shirt.


5. Identification. Never go on a trip without bringing identification cards and a list of names and numbers to call in case something happens to you.


6. Entertainment. Long trips may become exhausting, and you may get restless and bored. Always have a book handy, an MP3 player, a PSP,or anything that can keep you occupied and entertained.


So pack your bag and make sure you have all these things. Who knows, these things will be your life saver, or will make your trip onboard a charter bus in NYC much more pleasant and enjoyable.



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